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  1. Challenge

    One Server for PVP

    Could someone post the server UTC adjustment please.
  2. @Sir Texas Sir I think Kidd's (The whole Island) should be unconquerable. I also think pirates should have individual small ports scattered around the Caribbean in that category as well., but I don't think it should include an enormous chunk of the Bahamas. Likewise I think that captured SoL, AI or player, should go to the Admiralty and that all ships turned over to the admiralty (including AI ships which are uncapturable) should give the player some prize money. I don't think pirates should be considered a nation and get admiralty ships but should be allowed to keep anything they capture for their own use. You should also get something in return for the PvP Marks you earn -- I just don't know what. (Perhaps some of those pirate refit BPs you were talking about on another thread.)
  3. While you're talking about things to do after wipe, don't forget the pirates need love too.
  4. Challenge

    Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    When I bought the game it said, up front, this would happen. Not that it might happen, not that it was a possibility, but that there would be wipes periodically. I expected more than this sooner. Didn't you get the memo? I'm with you on this.
  5. Challenge

    Open world - Beautiful places

    I agree. The names screw up my screenshots.
  6. Why would I do this? Since I'm not getting any crafting experience unless I'm the one putting the ship together, why would I want ot build parts for someone else? Money isn't a good answer; I can get that trading and selling off cargo I take from pillaged traders.
  7. Nations such as GB, France and Spain with national ports all over the map aren't hindered by this. Ones that don't like the Vikings () the Dutch and the US whose ports are all close together are seriously limited in motion.
  8. Challenge

    Gun range and crew

    Not so much a range difference as a drop off in penetration numbers as range increases. 4lb mediums lose punch faster than a 4lb long which loses it faster than a 9lb long. Hover your mouse over the gun marker (box, square, whatever you want to call it) and it shows pen numbers by range and the crew needed to work the gun.
  9. I sailed into a free port and found out the 245 fish meat I collected on the sail there (long one) had to be sold 1 piece at a time along with all the other resouces. Someone mentioned it on Global chat, while others say it fixed when the exited the game, picked up the patch from Steam and went back in. Didn't work for me. Anyone else have the issue and either fixed or didn't fix it and what did you try?
  10. Can't say I like not being able to teleport to my outposts to or from one in a free port. Agreed, it may be something I need to get used to, but it will make running a trade system difficult if not worthless.
  11. Challenge

    Testbed - Demasting & Accuracy cap

    He didn't make you waste your time. You pretty much did that all by yourself. He was trying to express a simple point that demasting was a period tactic; you took his example and turned that into an argument about how easy it should or should not be. You really can't blame others for something like that. You are, however, right about your point which seems to be that it's too easy and loosing the base of your mast should not be repairable within the battle instance. I Fully agree with that one.
  12. Challenge

    New Skills / Perks / Upgrades / Refits [ discussion & suggestions ]

    No captain was ever handed a 3rd rate with out first commanding smaller ships. The idea here being to upgrade your skills at command and handling before you get to the big boys. That seems to be the reasoning from what I read. However, I agree it should be by ship class and sail plan, not by particular ships.This system is a bit overly arcane imo. Before getting to captain tugs hauling larger ships into and away from docks, my dad needed to gain experience in tonnage rated ships. He certainly didn't need to learn how to sail a cabin cruiser first.
  13. Simple reason, really (and they answered it in one of the threads awhile back -- no I don't remember which one because I wasn't a pirate and it was only of passing interests). SoL are obtained through the Admiralty; Pirates are not a nation and therefore should not have an Admiralty. Ergo, they don't have Ships of the Line. To be fair, I don't think it was in the various lists of changes and I don't know if it was ever officially discussed as something that was going to happen or just as passing comments, but I did read it somewhere -- but I'm not about to wade through a few hundred pages of comments to find it. The idea of Pirates as a nation and what they do and do not have have enough of threads of its own.
  14. Click the ignore button. Then you don't have to deal with the toxics.
  15. This is a project still in design and development. You knew that going in. You signed on for this sort of thing. If you didn't, why are you here? So you could complain while they're trying to do a job. At this stage if something doesn't work you toss it out and/or redesign. Are you working on the project with them or do you need to be redesigned? You were not deceived. You just bought into something you may not have understood the process of. It isn't like they promised you would get to keep everything when they do the final release -- or at any time. Stop being impatient and expecting instant gratification. Some of us would like them to get this right.
  16. I was thinking of the opposite ... Making as loop through the Gulf of Mexico and out to the Windward Islands along the Spanish Main.
  17. You guys are already in tomorrow from where I am, so it's day after tomorrow for me?
  18. Anyone know how groups work on the test server? I think you can join anyone's fight (or anyone can join yours, but I'm not sure how it works. Since I haven't seen many players anywhere I've sailed. I have a US character and wouldn't mind sailing with you if I can figure out how it works and where you're sailing.
  19. Challenge

    Testbed - Demasting & Accuracy cap

    And in that 1hr and 2o min they weren't able to repair one of the masts? I only takes 15 min in our time acceleration -- that's what maybe an hour in real time?
  20. Challenge

    Doublecharge Penetration multiplier

    Probably not. Navy logistics haven't really changed attitude much over the centuries: Captain: I need a bag twice as big to fire a heavier gunpowder charge. Supply Clerk: Well, here's twice as many regular ones. Just use two. The larger bag is non-standard and cost too much to produce. Have a nice sail, Captain.
  21. @rownd Two quick questions: What Server are you on? What nationality? On the PvE server you can practice combat against the AI in relative safety since nothing can attack you. You have to start all combat. On either of the PvP servers you can still go after the AI ships, but you can be attacked (and attack) live players at any time. While PvP players may disparage PvE on the forums, it is a more controlled environment to learn in until you are ready to face other players. Just keep in mind the the AI is pretty stupid compared to most players, but learning techniques for maneuver and controlling your ship gives you a better chance when you switch. Whichever you choose, jump onto Nation Chat and find folks who might be willing to group up with you to show you the basics. As has been mentioned most clans will help out new members, but it is difficult to know if a particular clan is going to compatible with your play style, goals or just your attitude about things. I personally think joining a clan should be prompted by a bit more than a need for assistance. On the PvE server there are players of all nations that will help out someone no matter what nation they start in, but you can only group with players from yours or an allied nation.
  22. Challenge

    Let's be Crafty.

    On live server I have 20 someting? I haven't looked at it in a while. Maybe I should do that.... And I think a limit on the top end for crafting parts might be a solution. But not getiting anything just makes it so I don't care to add to the stock of someone else. The building destruction and rebuilding and shortage of resource production will, I hope, fix itself when this all goes live. It's the incentive to participate in the team effort I don't see. Edit I'm at 41 on the live server...
  23. Challenge


    In NA's previous incarnation people did sail halfway across the Caribbean to get some hard to get resources. So, yeah, pretty sure they would still for some of the woods.