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  1. Maybe they could have one more popup box like are you really really sure you want to do this and if you do there is no going back? You did have click the box that warned you..............
  2. Sinking a ship should net less loot than capturing it. I can't recall ever getting any wood or other resource yet so I have to guess that this part of the game is still under construction.
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I would suggest that less experienced npc ships use only the auto setting for sailing. The AI is probably going to be far better are manual sailing than a new player. It is something I have yet to try but I have seen how it allows ships to turn far more effectively than not using manual. I hope that tutorials are in the works for new players? I could use one on manual sailing. Yes there are some decent videos and it probably takes some practice but understanding the dynamics would go a long way to helping new captains.
  4. The gun would have whatever was last loaded. Maybe it was ball and maybe it was sail shot? Multi deck ship would usually have different types of shot loaded on each deck.
  5. Why should there be a max Durability? If you want to add more Durability would you not just buy the same ship and combine it with the existing and add 5 more durability to it? This was a fairly simple process in POTBS where you actually bought a deed to a ship. The ships here are outfitted a bit differently but there should be a way to add Durability. Insurance was included with the ship but you lost certain mods, such as sails, guns and hulls. Captured ships were one durability. I have no aversion to having insurance if you want to buy it. Why would you spend money on a free ship?
  6. Can we have this or can someone point me to the right place? Being able to read Dev comments is really important to me so that I do not report or comment on something that is being fixed etc. Thanks!
  7. The reward in gold in sinking a ship is much greater than selling the captured ship to the vendor. AH pricing (do we have one?) could vary greatly.
  8. Compared to just sinking the ships. We spend considerable time capping ships and very little reward. We switched over to simply sinking ships and started to make far more gold. I think this mechanism needs some attention. When starting out stay in the lynx for free repairs. If you cap a bigger ship you will spend lots of money repairing and you will never get to a decent purchased brig or mercury.
  9. I just thought I would share some initial observations on the game. I started playing on Friday and have enjoyed the testing very much so far. Open sea travel. I like it way better than POTBS. The speed might need increased as it can take a very long time to get places. This could be a turn off to many NPC's and areas for specific ranks- I spend a lot of time trying to find level suitable npcs to hit. Might need to increase the spawn rates at least for lower ranks. NPC battles-Initially our group was hitting single or dual mobs and were pretty much left alone. One of us is
  10. I like the idea of shallows port battles. I was a long time POTBS player too. I would rather not have an avcom solution to port battles. That system was very easy to defend with just a few people and a wrong pull could destroy the enite attacking force. I would lean more to more kinds of port defenses, such as cannons, heated shot if the game is going to be ship based then the outcome should be determined by the best sailing and ship setups. After traveling around the map so far in the beta, I would not be in favor of traveling to the port battle. While many gamers have nothing
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