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  1. The only thing I dislike about reinforcements is how large the reinforcement circle is, it needs to be smaller and needs to stop crossing to the other side of islands. It's most ridiculous when someone calls reinforcements near one of your OWN ports, because their reinforcement circle crosses over the Island to that area.
  2. I am on PvP 1, I am not the most experienced from closed testing as I only played up to Connie, but it seems I know a lot more than the new guys. Even though I play limited and casual hours because of RL ( work, kids etc ) I spend some of that answering questions over chat and actually playing to help other players. I have taught a few players how to capture ships by doing it with them and instructing as we go, I have captured a bigger ship myself and bought an outpost at the port were we near just to give it to a player, costing me more gold than 1 dura of that ship was worth. There are plenty of people who are also a lot more experienced at the game than me and I see them helping over chat. The fact is, not everyone wants to spend a large portion of their playtime being a games "Support" service or "Help Master", I will only do it so much before I decide "Ok enough answering questions and helping other players I am going to do my own thing now". I also wouldn't feel bad at all if I didn't help anyone, because I have limited time to play myself, I work my ass off on Night Shifts and have a 3 year old kid and a 4 month old baby that need lots of attention, when I come online to play a game it's for leisure, some vets may feel the same and got tired of helping and answering the same questions. I got tired of reading stupid basic questions in chat like "How do I fire my guns", because those questions are easily answered with 5 minutes of searching/reading, people are too impatient to spend a small time reading basics on how to play ( could have done that while it was downloading/installing ) yet they expect people already playing to potty train them, maybe that's another reason why some people just cant be bothered to help people sometimes.
  3. Yeah it increases the reload. If you have Powder Monkey and Improved Magazine Access then you have the choice of using Marines without having a negative impact, but that is totally down to how you want to play, you'd have the advantage of Marines in a boarding situation and you wouldn't be at a reload disadvantage vs anyone that didn't have the upgrades. But again, if you want to completely avoid boarding then you are best to use Gun and Utility style upgrades, like you already have.
  4. No. Small ships have 5 Dura, the biggest have 1. This isn't just for the sake of the economy, which it DOES effect regardless of how you skew it, but this also effects gameplay massively. 1st rates are very expensive and valuable, you get sunk/captured once it's gone. This method helps to stop the game being saturated with 1st/2nd/3rd rates and helps us see a more varied class of ship on the seas. IMO even the Frigate Class ships are all easily replaced with gold, I don't understand why people are so scared of losing a durability on a ship, what else are they going to spend their gold on? it adds attrition, you can't sail your perfect ship forever, you'll need to replace it. I'd hate to see the durability go away.
  5. Crafting ships should need a lot of time investment to start seeing good profits, no one should be earning a fortune crafting basic 7th and 6th rate ships from day 1, just like you can't sail out. The issue still remaining is the players themselves, part of that is what you quoted from me, artificial inflation. If more material was widely available at more reasonable prices, half the problem would be solved, more ship crafters would sell their ships at reasonable prices and still earn a profit. What are you trying to suggest though, that we should raise the prices of the NPC Ships to above the ridiculous prices players are trying to sell their shitty Brig for? won't the people responsible for the artificial inflation just raise the price some more to match the new profits of ship crafters?. Some people are massively overestimating the worth of their ships just because they payed out of their arse to buy the materials, sadly there are some naive and new players who fall into the trap of buying these Basic ships from players that they could have bought for half the price from the Ports ship generator. So really the shafted crafters are just shafting the new players too, this is why I just buy the Ports Basic Ships and not the players, they're stupid prices and I don't want to give profit to someone who happily cons newbs just because he thinks the value of a ship = the price he payed for the materials to make it. We can't remove the Basic generated Port ships either, because then the crafters would just have stupidly priced ships for sell to match the big profits the people responsible for artificial inflation are making. That will force everyone to either buy their massively over priced ships if they ever want one themselves, or possibly just force the majority to craft their own and completely kill the ship selling market. There really has to be a throttle on the artificial inflation and I do think that will help stabilize the economy and give more profit and strength to the ship builders, who will in turn be able to price their ships more reasonably while still turning a bit of profit until they can craft some high quality 5th+ rate ships, if there is a throttle that I am unaware of, it doesn't seem to be working, or at least it's not harsh enough.
  6. I thought a big part of the issue was also the people buying up all the Iron ore and other materials from all the ports with the sole intent of selling it for 2-3x the purchase price to other players, even within the same ports that they have purchased it from, am I wrong?. At least that's what I saw people complaining about many a time, that would be a huge reason why ship building is not very profitable for anyone that can't be there to purchase Iron Ore etc constantly from the ports themselves, or they can buy very little but not enough to allow a focus on crafting something. Isn't it just basically artificial inflation? Just seems like a broken system that benefits only the people able to keep buying up all the iron ore before everyone else, while completely shafting the people with less time and mostly the casuals who just want to craft. I have stayed away from crafting and trading because it just seems a bit of a mess, I certainly don't have the time to spend scraping together materials to try build a ship. The prices people are trying to sell their basic ships for in ports is probably an example of this.
  7. Or just reduce the circles size? or maybe hope they can create something other than a "circle area" to release reinforcements, i.e shaped with the coast so it doesn't cross to the other side of the island. This is something I am sure they will work on, but IMO it is really bad for PvP at the moment when someone can call reinforcements from right outside an enemy port.
  8. Honestly I don't agree, I have won many battles vs AI where I was at the "disadvantage", i.e in a Cerb vs AI Renomee, in a Basic Cutter vs a Snow, Cerb vs Snow + Navy Brig and won them all. You just need to hone your tactics against different ships and depending on what ship you're in and what cannons you have will also alter that tactic. You can bait the AI into firing his broadside at shit angles or when you're making unexpected movements and the AI ends up missing half the shots or just shooting into the waves.
  9. We don't need an option to do that, with the option available you will just be gimping yourself in PvP if you don't use it. The only thing I'd like to see is a "draggable" compass template of some kind on the map, so you could drag it over the location you want to sail from and get your basic general direction. The player would still need to judge his own distance traveled and whereabouts after traveling for some time, but this is basically what I am just doing with tdamaps website anyway, using the map compass to give me a direction and then using my head to make sure I get to where I want to go.
  10. If they do it everyday then it's obviously needed everyday. I'm sure they will make an automatic port flipping system, but that doesn't mean we wont have daily maintenance, we could still have them each day, although they would probably get shorter, more of a server reset etc unless a patch is being put in place, but it helps keep the servers stable, they really aren't sure yet just how much the game and servers can handle This wouldn't be the only game to have a daily maintenance either, plus it's just Alpha and this isn't PotBS, so that's completely irrelevant.
  11. Used my Niagara armed with 32pd Carronades to stern rake a players Snow using grape, must have killed about half of his crew, I'd say it isn't under powered at all lol.
  12. There will be more American ships, but there are also plenty of other Nations that still need more Ships, be patient, each Nation will get some love in time. The only 4th Rate in the game right now is an American Ship, the Connie, it's an awesome ship too.
  13. For the foreseeable future, probably. As Olav pointed out, it's server AND map maintenance, they have to manually do some things to the OW map at the moment like flipping ports to other Nations control if they were captured that day. When you say "But every night?" you must remember that it's not night for a majority of the player base, it's early hours of the morning for North Americans and late morning for EU players. I did see a thread where the admin did say the time is going to be adjusted, probably to be 2 hours earlier, to less effect the Aussies and other countries near there. But at the end of the day no matter what time they make it, it's going to effect someone and they have to go with what's best for the Majority AND their work schedule, the Majority here are Europeans and North Americans. A lot of the Aussie players in that same thread I saw, were happy if it was done 2 hours earlier, so I hope it will be good for you too.
  14. You might find a player selling one, I already have my own but I snapped one up for 45k, I doubt you will find one that cheap now but there are still some reasonably priced ones out there.
  15. Just because Pirates are just exactly the same as every other Nation right now, doesn't mean it isn't going to change. The simple fact is, no work has been done to make Pirates different yet, the only difference was being able to attack each other, that proved to not make much difference at all. This is very early in development, there is so much fleshing out to be done and things to be changed and added that Pirates could face plenty of changes that would make them more like Pirates than just a Nation with a Black Flag. I would have started as Pirate myself, but I went with Britain again like I did in closed testing, because Pirates just still didn't really seem like Pirates. I really don't understand the attitude of some Pirates that just want to see them stay as as a basic Nation, there are so many cool options that could be done to make Pirates unique and challenging, yet rewarding. I don't see them offering any valid reason to why Pirates should remain as they are, yet I have seen so many good ideas in other threads on how to make them more unique and balanced differently without just out right nerfing them. There are already a bunch of other samey samey Nations to play, why miss the opportunity to have a really unique and fun faction where you really do earn the right to call yourself a Pirate. I would love to see Pirates get changes and become something unique, right now they can hardly be called Pirates, and a lot of the people that seem to oppose any changes at all just seem like the "cool kids" wanting to sail around with a "cool Jolly Roger" flag while not actually doing anything remotely Pirate-like at all. Remember, just because you have a character in the Pirate faction doesn't mean that what you say goes, players that aren't in the Pirate faction have as much right to want unique and more Piratey - Pirates, we all payed for this game and everyone's constructive opinion is as valid as any, many players would love to play Pirate themselves, but can see that it doesn't really offer anything unique so they just stick with their home or closely related Nations.
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