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  1. For long voyages it would be nice to see ships stock up on supplies and rations before they leave. Over time the crew uses these, but if you don't stock up, the crew loses moral and your ship becomes harder to control.
  2. I'll of course be staying as the British. God Save the King!
  3. I'd like to see Spanish Treasure fleets, with enough ships to be impossible to take alone. Something like this would really promote playing with other people. They could also be made very rare but on a known course so that fleets of different nationalities know where it is going to be. The nations could then either choose to work together or... They could take it for themselves. This then promotes PvE and PvP play.
  4. Trying to keep up with subtitles and the action is hard! There was probably some artistic license being used when they created it, everyone knows that the Royal Navy is the best. All these instances in history when they've lost are obviously wrong! I'll try and find it online, I've seen some terrible CGI in my time, so that doesn't really worry me. Another series to look out for is Black Sails, I'm not sure if it's an Amazon exclusive, but that's where I'm watching it. I'm on the first episode but from the looks of it, it is full of action. I fully recommend it from what I've seen.
  5. The whole English subtitles bit really puts me off, plus the fact I'd rather not see the Royal Navy go up in flames. Would you still recommend it? From the trailer it looks pretty darn good, the visuals at least look amazing.
  6. namrewob1


    I went back to playing PotBS last week, and I'm actually really enjoying it for once, the last time I played it all I remembered was all the veterans in my society at the time telling me what I was doing wrong and not trying to help me improve because I was a new player. But now I've started from scratch again, joined a new society and I'm actually having fun. I'm playing as a British Naval Officer, I've only just got a 'van Hoorn' Snow from Port Royal, managed to get myself up to level 13 and now I'm on the hunt for those bloody Pirates! Having my first ship which actually looks like a "proper" warship is a real plus point, almost makes me want to grind all the way to level 50 in a few days. It's terribly outdated, but whilst I wait for access to Naval Action, it's the best I have!
  7. That looks really efficient for close in battles, but the guns don't look very big. Would they be 4 pounders?
  8. Looks absolutely amazing! Really shows how rounded the bows were of ships back then.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I shall have to take a look! I've been looking for a good book to read while I wait for the release.
  10. I'm exactly the same, I think Microsoft will end up blocking my emails with the amount of traffic I must be sending them via refresh. I hadn't seen Master and Commander in years so I watched it the other night, still as top notch as I remember!
  11. I would love to see a glint when the Captain of a ship enters the telescope, at the most you'd know when someone is looking at you!
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