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  1. No you can't, that's the thing I tried zig zagging but every time I turned my ship I was already hitting shallows without even moving, I was just flat stuck, even though I was "miles" away from shore, I was still hitting shallows on both sides simultaneously.
  2. I understand and agree with you on that, but in this game the wind constantly has a mind of it's own, there is no way to know ahead of time where it will blow from. As for the shallows, like I said, I was stuck sailing into a port that had it's shores going straight left and right, yet I was hitting shallows even though I was a few inches from the tip of the dock. No matter which way I turned I couldn't enter the port even though I was right next to it.
  3. Hopefully this is is the correct category. I hope, with every fiber of my being, that the devs get rid of shallows. I recently just found myself in the port of Saint Nicolas with shallows on my left and right so ridiculously close together, and the wind blowing directly at me, that I couldn't get out of the bay. Not only that but this feature is more tedious than it is realistic. There are countless ports I have trouble accessing even though they have nothing around them. I once even had problems entering Bahia Honda due to shallows yet I was straight in front of it. Thoughts?
  4. Absolutely, glad to help!
  5. Had this happen to a Friend yesterday while we were playing. I told him to try and Validate his Steam Cache, didn't work. Then told him to maybe re-install the game. That did the trick, and no he didn't lose his character. It's a last resort but I hope it helps.
  6. Definitely send them an email and state why you want a key and hopefully they will take care of you. Good luck!
  7. "Straight at 'em sir."

  8. "If I could buy a Naval Action game key, I would be so happy." - Craig

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  10. I want a game key so BAD!!!

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