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  1. Have any thoughts as to what traits for corps commanders best capture the historical general? For example I gave Jackson the traits for Trainer and Artillery, since he was an artillery officer, and was known for being a demanding trainer. However, in practice this make Jacksons corps rather defensive. So would a more accurate set of traits for Jackson be Speed/Cavalry? For Lee I gave Speed/Infantry/Leader, and for Longstreet (who I know nothing about) I gave Trainer/Infantry Any thoughts?
  2. Scaling certainly matters, After posting yesterday I went into the battle of Antietam as CSA. When I saw that I was outnumbered more than 2:1 I went back to camp and spent all my resources on recruiting more men so as to lessen this disadvantage...only to discover that the enemy had simply scaled up, and I was still outnumbered more than 2:1. Then I thought about using my political capitol to bring up even more men, but upon further consideration this seemed to be pointless since the enemy might yet scale even higher. And so I decided to go into battle without any further adjustments.
  3. I know there has already been a lot of forum discussion about scaling, however I am yet to find a complete explanation. Does scaling have a cap? Does it apply as a 1:1 ratio? Is there a threshold before scaling comes into effect? Does veterancy scale? How concerned should I be about the effects of scaling? Because of these questions I no longer understand what ones objectives as a war planner are. I had assumed that it was desirable to build a fighting force as large and as powerful as possible, but this assumption now seems to be wrong, and instead the main objective seems to be co
  4. They should add the same armory and training scale for YOUR army as well. This would enable you to intuitively grasp the enemies fighting capacity as it compares to your own. As it stands now I have no earthly idea what a 37% armory value is supposed to mean. However, if I could see that my own army had a 25% armory value, I would instantly understand that the enemy army was equipped with better weapons. I could then act on this information by better equipping my army, or by employing battle field tactics that neutralized the enemies advantage. I love that these intelligence reports
  5. Yes, validating the game files worked! I think some of the maps must have been corrupted. Now I can lose the grand battles from my own mismanagement, instead of technical problems Thanks again for your help
  6. So after progressing through some minor confederate battles, I found one that wont load. At first I ignored this, but then found another minor battle that refuses to load. This effectively makes the campaign unplayable. After clicking the 'Start' button, a blank map comes up, and the game is now completely frozen. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. So I've been trying to get into multiplayer, but the problem is 30 seconds into every match the game ends and a victory screen appears. So in other words I cant play the game because I automatically win every time. Anybody have any idea about this bizzare glitch and what to do about it? Is the problem even on my end? Thanks.
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