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  1. There is a pirate drama series called "Black Sails" that is a pretty entertaining watch. My question though, as far as the ships in the show, are they purely fictional? If not, can we find the plans to those ships, or ships that draw similarities, their actual names, etc.) would be nice to see some of them in game. nostalgia.
  2. id really like to see the sailors on the ships have different uniforms that corresponded to their nation. also would like to see the decks of the ships look like there is more going on rather it look like its pristine. ropes, riggings, shot and the sort littering the decks of the ships to give it a more authentic look and give better immersion.
  3. its been stated that the ports will all be reset to neutral besides the capitals.
  4. got stuck in shallows, did a fleet mission, when it finished i got surrounded and stuck in shallow waters near pedro cay. EU pvp ONE, player name is Shepherd. can i get tped to port please, my in game TP is on a 2 hour cooldown
  5. Pastore10

    Huge mistake

    hello, so i made a huge mistake today, i tried to destroy an outpost at cayo ramono that way i could open up another one at watling, and i destroyed the wrong outpost, the one at la tortue, which happened to have my main ship, my exeptional renommee with :MC powder monkeys,improved mag access, speed trim, copper plating, ropes and blocks, and a few other good upgrades. i also lost the 2 3rd rates and belle poule i captured, i thought maybe i would get my stuff back after i had bought the outpost back, but i didnt, all i had left was a 1 durabilty surprise and enough gold to outfit it a bit at Mort town. please help me out, i deff didnt mean to close that outpost out and lose everything i have worked for in the game, i have been with you guys since July of last year and i love the game, i play it very often and i almost quit playing the game becuase thats a huge setback. can you help me out? also i would like make a suggestion, when a player clicked on "destroy outpost" make a warning prompt pop up saying somehting like "Are you sure you want to destroy this outpost?" that would of helped a lot and i probably would of caught my mistake of miss clicking. thank you
  6. FTS is a great group of players, love being a part of the community.
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