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    Help Needed for Union Cavalry Raid for iOS

    I have also tried the tactic suggested, I was able to take out about 1,000 Confederates compared to averaging about 800 before. I am also using "easy" mode and the speed of the Confederate troops compared to the Union cavalry also bothers me. By the time the artillery and last battalions of cavalry arrive it is too late in the time limit and it is near impossible to complete the task.
  2. I need some help with the Union cavalry raid for iOS. I have tried and been unsuccessful in all of my attempts to kill 1,500 Confederate troops. I have tried sending in my skirmishers against the Confederate brigades and attacking with my cavalry from the rear and vise versa but that hasn't worked. I've tried a mass assault with all of my troops on individual Confederate brigades which has also failed along with attempts to pull a "massive" flanking maneuver. If anyone has any suggestions for different tactics that they used or would could simply suggest that would be fantastic, thank you!