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  1. um........wow. Some people just take it way too far. This is a game, we are all here to have fun. If this game makes you that angry, stop playing it or get better at it. But yes empty threats. Also, what led up to this happening? Did he say these things unprovoked or was there conversation taking place? The only pictures taken were from what he said.
  2. Spizzle

    Sideways bug

    Have you tried to hold the right mouse button and move the camera?
  3. I think you would have been fine if you had just left the battle instead of calling him a wimp......to me thats what started the argument. But courtesy goes both ways and he didnt have to push the issue either. Getting pulled into combat happens sometimes. All you have to do is sail away.
  4. oh ok. i just stumbled across it looking for bermuda lol
  5. maybe an angle gauge to give you a reference point when aiming? For example firing a test shot at 20 degrees upward, and looking through your glass to watch for impact. If you had a number to go off of you could revert back to 20 degrees for your broadside. Also, Im a noob at this game so if that is already a feature i havent found yet please let me know.
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