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  1. That's some elite troops early on to get 6k kills in a couple volleys xD I've seen people buy a cavalry unit before the battle in order to move it up quicker. I only use infantry, however, in order to block the reinforcements.
  2. I just started reading Footes first volume, and from what I've completed it's been very enjoyable. However, I've been spoiled by Dominic Lievens excellent "Napoleon against Russia" (I am fully aware of the difference in topics) and any other work feels lacking. With great hardship, however, I may be able to persevere. At least Foote had the good grace to triple the quantity of material Edit: For those left wondering, I await UG Napoleon eagerly (with UG Fredrick a close second)
  3. Just was logging on and saw this patch Thanks for the constant improvements and attention to the game.... However, will this mean I need to start a new campaign for the fixes to apply?
  4. AI really needs to be priority when coming to difficulty levels imo but I understand how people might also want control over enemy scaling and such. I'm a BG player because of this, and get happy whenever I see an increase in AI because at the moment I'd rather not face unhistorical numbers just for a challenge. I too enjoy making a pet army, but it usually ends up being an elite but randomly sized collection of brigades
  5. Maybe add an attack on fort Wagner? Or represent it with that battle where as union you assault the coastal fort (I totally forget the name but in the Chancellorsville campaign). I think adding them like the iron brigade would definitely be a good idea.
  6. When a little part inside of me dies once I see the changed veterancy levels in Gettysburg compared to UGG #BringbackOPFirstCorp
  7. I don't know if you changed day 1 chickamauga at all but I now get more brigades near reeds bridge (which is good). However, ai still needs to learn to withdraw when taking bad casualties... this is probably still my main gripe about this game. Thanks for the constant patches though!
  8. Was LITERALLY going to post this exact thing when I saw your reply xD. Gg on beating me to it
  9. I dont doubt it is possible, I have won the battle multiple times. However, I sometimes choose to not engage at all because of the casualties and the diminished size of my army from the recent battle at Gaines Mill....
  10. I know this thread is about winning Chancellorsville but I just choose to take a draw... maybe do the flank attack and get some free guns but in NO WAY am I sending my boys into the day 3 meat grinder... that being said, I sometimes choose to not engage at malvern hill as well, so this isn't just Chancellorsville.
  11. Thanks for your "short" response xD. Also, convey my sincere apology to the dog... Was waaaay more than I expected!
  12. 1. Why do you say that? Any specific battle they performed well in? 2. What brigade were they part of? Did they move around? West or east? 3. Were they recognized at the time as being elite?
  13. I know that devs have probably designed the maps already and I KNOW that this isn't going to happen... BUT: I would love to see more battles in the latter half of the war. My primary worry is that after Gettysburg, which feels like it should be the halfway point of sorts, there are only 2 battles and then the finale. Where is Atlanta? Vicksburg? Wilderness? I just feel that the beginning of the war is so more well polished and the end of the war happens so quickly... We're also limited to 1 minor battle per grand battle now. Gettysburg shouldn't be considered "late game" in my opinion.
  14. What these guys said. Managing your army between is the only way to win.... be prepared to take 40% casualties. That said, don't be afraid to retreat back knowing you will counter attack. For example, loosing dunker church in the last stage is fine when trying to draw the union into the open where arty and flanks can devestate them. Union also has a tendency to shift troops from burnsides bridge upwards towards sunken road.... just be aware
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