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  1. The ability to acknowledge a passing player on the OW Sea without needing to PM them. For example, ringing the bell on the ship.
  2. Shouldn't the 'Brig' and 'Navy Brig' be listed as real under the US ship called 'Fair American'? http://www.modelshipmaster.com/products/tall_ships/Brig%20Fair%20American%20model.htm
  3. XP should be fairly low, maybe 1/4 of what you get from Combat Missions. But Gold should be higher in reward. Say you get 2k for Combat Missions, you should get 4k for Trade Missions. You can also increase the reward with distance traveled, which should also increase the likelihood of combat or attack.
  4. Personally, I'd rather just see cosmetic differences between nation's ships. For example, using their traditional paint schemes. Like this:
  5. There should be no exploration experience. If it were to be implemented, it should be menial. 5-10 XP per port. The real reason for exploring, is for gaining knowledge of the Production and Consumption of ports. Which then allows you to find the best prices for buying and selling goods, which makes you more money.
  6. I always had thought something that allowed you to look out from the port, towards the harbor would be good. This way you could see what all was happening, if an enemy fleet was approaching, if a ship was passing, if someone new came to port, etc. As well as being able to see the time of day and the weather. Rough mockup:
  7. It's also important to note, that the primary benefit of exploration is the ability to learn the 'supply and demand' of a port. So that you know which ports produce product X at a reduced rate, and which ports consume product X at a high rate, so that your sale nets you a decent return. You'll end up finding yourself forced away from specific locales when another nation comes to rip the ports out of your hands.
  8. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1964-keyboard-shortcuts-list/ Keymap ^ nice colored one.
  9. It prevents the hoarding of ships. Forcing you to break them down for crafting, sell them, or put them on the market, etc. I see no issue with limiting the number of ships to 5 in ports. Perhaps there could be a feature similar to 'Expand Warehouse' where you buy more harbor space for your ships.
  10. I'm really annoyed by all the 'it's too hard to do X, Y, and Z. It needs a tutorial. etc etc' Do these people really want everything to be handed to them and easy?
  11. The game is not supposed to be easy. There is no GPS, I mean, we're lucky we even have the map. There was a time when it didn't even exist and you had to navigate using a Google Maps map.
  12. Captain's Log - Day 1 - In Fort Royal, Martinique Sailing from Fort Royal on the 12 gun cutter L'Albatros, we spotted a battle not far out of the harbor. Joining battle, we found 6 of our comrades in cutters battling against a British Trader Brig, Brig, and a Cutter. Other comrades joined shortly after to assist. Sighting the Trader's Brig attempting to escape the battle, we gave chase. Another of our comrades drew his cutter alongside the Trader's Brig, but he moved to close and the Trader pulled him alongside her. The Trader's Brig killed many of his crew in boarding action while we
  13. Thanks for working hard to bring a game which really fits right into a perfect, and untouched niche, in the gaming world. I see Naval Action going far!
  14. Longue vie au roi! I wish we could fly the Royal colors from French ships instead of the Republic flag.
  15. I haven't looked forward this much to getting back into a game since I was a kid. Really excited to play again tomorrow.
  16. Yes, getting pulled into battles unexpectedly is rather annoying. I believe that when a player engages another, no matter the faction, or whether they be AI/Player, the ring of attack should be visible for all to see. This way they can navigate outside of the ring in order to not be drawn into the battle.
  17. I would like to stay as France, but as a player from the US, it's very tempting to switch to some other more popular faction. Sometimes it feels like you're the only one online. Less so since the purchases were public again, so I'm hoping with the wipe and EA, more US/CAN players will opt for France.
  18. Yes, the size of the list for the nations you provided would be absolutely fine with me. Maybe in-game there could be some way to see total number of ships with name X. Or maybe sort by popularity so that we dont have a ton of the same name.
  19. I would say put a time limit on the defections. For example, once every 30 days or something. Also, you should lose anything stored in warehouses, your ships, % of your gold, but retain your XP.
  20. Ships built after or around 1790 really began to look pretty plain I think as well. In all honesty, I'd much have preferred this game cover the 17th century with the galleons and the very tail end of the carracks instead of the 18th-early 19th. But, as it is the only game of this type really, I'm more than happy to have it around.
  21. I really like these 3. Especially #7. I feel like 5 dura is a bit much. But I wouldn't be surprised if Dura is the way it is now due to it being Alpha testing.
  22. Which brings me to another suggestion I had forgotten. What if there was some sound notification to alert you when you were close to shallows. Something like the "leadsman" calling out the depth as he read it off the line. Obviously it'd be too much to ask for accurate depth measurements. But just something to alert you.
  23. First of all, I want to thank the devs. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite games ever. It improves with each patch too. Looking forward to seeing what it comes out to be. In my six or so months playing, I've come up with a few suggestions. Here they are: 1) Disabling the HUD while in OW should also hide the names/factions of ports. 2) Allow us to see who all is in a particular chat tab, more specifically the nation tab. This way we can determine how many of our faction are online. 3) Crew should be treated similar to damage taken in battle. If you lose 20 crew, you should drop down
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