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  1. seaport hell you can do it in potbs why cant you do it here
  2. ingerm be like "beep beep"
  3. it happened infront of mt where i was parked watching things but ill have to f11
  4. i will have to figured id post it on here ill f11 next time
  5. so iv noticed this has happened so far with for and aft rigged ships only currently that they seem to be sailing though islands again
  6. iv noticed that the ingermanland is also missing from that last time i checked
  7. tbh with the new ship change comming around iv honestly wondering what they would od with that speed stiffness little bugger i was at one point joking to see if they would take the little red yacht and maybe give us a little blue yacht insted LOL
  8. sad but true tbh i may read the fourms somewhat often for this atleast but usualy if i have no clue whats goin on ill go find out for meself tbh
  9. tbh the action zones would be nice honestly for a pvp player lets say most of the action happens around mt(like it usualy does in that aweful game known as potbs) with out said zones how will others know that this is where the action happens? unless they have intel from a player in their nation in that area i dont think they usualy would be aware of it however ontopic i may not like some changes(that where reconsidered) however im willing to check out na live with out a globle chat
  10. LOL dem drunk sailors..... bet someones gunna get keelhauled for that one
  11. that is sad but true there texas :l nd i actualy did primarly play pve did my econ and sorts never really considered doing pvp but hey only time can tell what they do eh?
  12. tbh comming from someone who actualy plays on the pve server i can say i would like it tbh and at oen time i did suggest in clan chat that pve get pbs and the defending force would be all first rates of different types
  13. tbh if agressive ai came back it would make them long arse sails from one of the map to the other much more instresting isnted of starting a trip going afk getting logged because 30min afk timer returning and afking some more
  14. so as someone asked earler in the thread what about that little red yacht how will that be reworked? or will it be removed and replaced with maybe a little blue yacht? also on the pandora will it also be a ship like the yacht where we can sink it as many times as we want and claim it again once per day or?
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