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  1. I have bad luck since last patch too. Before an exceptional ship had a very high chance to drop a BP. Now I crafted 1 Belle Poule and 3 Frigates, all exceptional and no drop at all
  2. I like the Barock-Channel http://www.klassikradio.de/webplayer
  3. The weather in northern germany is just too good today to fight a war. Edit: Oh btw Tretton, can I ask for permission to anchor at Fort Zoutman to get all my coal out of there and pay my workers the salaries please?
  4. I read it a different way. People are not complaing that they would win with other timers. Its about to be able to have battles and have fun, no matter the outcome. You showed that you are great seamen, nobody is questening it here. Salute, johan Edit: phrasing
  5. I don't understand why some of the british posts are so angry. The british fleet is by far the biggest in game and its normal in games that the biggest gets hunted. You have to live with it and take it as honor
  6. Sir, you are taking this all way to seriously. Its hard to make out, but I better assume its just RP?
  7. I do it the slow way, try to enjoy all the ships and try to build all of them by myself. Well I fear I'll never get past Super-Frigates that way but its OK to me.
  8. There was quite some action in the east with 3 swedish attack-forces. I had the luck to be part of the intercepting battle with my little Cerberus.
  9. We already had this one? Couldnt find it per search so here it goes. HMS Pallas, 36 guns, 1757
  10. Well, this started as a really interesting thread
  11. The forums are getting more entertaining from day to day.
  12. What about having like 3 capitals spread at the "home-territory" as a starting base, rest is neutral. These 3 ports have the basic resources to do the crafting to a certain level. So, when a nation (like SWE in PVP1) is reduced to the three capitals its easier to cennect them again to a home territory by winning 1-2 port battles.
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