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  1. Maybe already mentioned but, make the battle instance more alive. Pleas Add; - some static things on the deck - some officers, marines and sailors on the deck. Static or animated doesn’t matter but something? it looks really empty on the top deck’s - give the guns recoil, and let them be runned out when reloaded. And ditch the enemy’s reloading and reloaded guns UI
  2. think we are going to regret this thonys, imagine swastica's, specific male & female body parts etc etc are going to show up. How many time i have reported people for "beeing creative" with their emblem on battlefield to sneak in a swastica for their strong feelings for neo nazism is a lot. "Buddah sign my ass, mister smarty pans" i only want historical flags only.
  3. On point 1) increase turnrate, • does this work in real life aswel? •And does the battlesails give such a speed reduction by pulling up you main sails? •And does the upgrade to unity 5, give you that "magic" so the animations are well integrated into the sequences?
  4. I still got my hopes up for a Dutch ship, and it must be! A ingame nation deserves a ship of it's own nation or 2 (a frigate and a ship of the line). As i read the "De zeven provincien" is very very sadly not going to be included, because of her age, dispite she going to fit very wel into the game! But as Steelsandwich and others are showing, there are a lot of other Dutch ship's that wil go well. I'm still voting for our beloved Flagship De Zeven Provinicien!
  5. I would really like to see more keybinds to the default F5 key (stop reloading). As is now you must aim with the mouse to port, starboard, stern & bow side and press F5 to stop reloading and manage the crew to other guns. It would be a lot easier to just press a button (F5 Stern) (F6 port) (F7 starboard) (F8 bow) to manage gun crew and keep a better insight to manouvering your ship, instead of aiming all over place with your mouse? As always with a big please ofcourse and my thanks in advance.
  6. I like the idea of giving the battle sails more function when a fire mechanic is already added to the game and it has a dedicated keyboard key binding to it, now it seems only a use to reduce ship speed or keep at low speed at the moment. And like the OP said the idea to reduce sail crew needed when sails are not beeing used seems a big compliment to the crew management during battle. Crew and material management should be more decisive who win's or loses a battle/duel, in my humble opinion. I'll give these idea's most definetly a upvote.
  7. No, of course i didn't buy all the key's of my clan, i own just one, As it is intended to be. I just see it this way, and i'm going to use a simple board game reference here called monopoly (everyone knows monopoly) How would you experience a game of monopoly with friends or family or both, if 1 or more are cheating, exploiting to get an advantage in order to win the game more easily or have more fun? it ruins it for everyone except the exploiter(s) or cheater(s). What i see happening here with naval action is that some players are using a legal exploit
  8. Have you, maybe, considerd to buy enough key's so you can start a whole clan? Maybe steam can throw in a bulk discount if you buy like a whole bunch of them? Besides that i'm looking forward for the upcoming changes especially the update to unity 5. I've been away for a while and now that i have time, i'm back on naval action again.
  9. Very simple, Example; There isn't a official guide hoe to do things in this game, new player comes and looks for a ship, i say "i can craft one for you" for a cheaper price the they are selling at the capital. Make a agreement that he delivers resources + fee upfront and after it's delivered i wil craft the ship. He delivers the resources/materials + fee, and i say oke wil craft the ship. "I wil craft the ship" and i don't, why because i will not be punished for it, so i could do it over and over again even if there made a verbal agreement in PM's wich could used as evidence to investiga
  10. Thats fair enough, but i'm sure people are going to exploit this when it's allowed! Imo, it must be against the rules, it is usually people from your own nation who do this, and you can't do anything against it (green on green for a example). So it leaves him with nothing then distrust and grief, and potential bad player behavior because of that. And if whe are going to talk "in the age of sail" i'm sure with the proper provided evidence, you would facing the gallows of stealing resources/materials for crafting a ship of that magnitude. It only encourage, toxic and bad player behavior. A
  11. Sorry i had to do this, but you are pretty stubborn here. Working with bigger clans would give you more benifit.
  12. Nice quote, But there are always people who try to piss against the wind. It's easy for me to say i know, but i would accept the agreement.
  13. Great idea! I voted beat to quarters, but personally i prefer shouting "SAIL'S!!" And a whistle, From the lookout in the crows nest or main mast.
  14. Now this is a clear case of toxic behaviour imo? And unneccesairy!
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