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  1. Let the Player buy Production Sites in every Ports. But only the Production Resource which the Port are producing. This would help with the Resource Inssue (Iron )
  2. dont know ? There should be a Patch Wednesday of Thursday, but dont see any News about it. Only this : Admins says update was delayed and today (2 July) was the soonest it could be out. given it is 11pm US CST and 6:30 in kiev I guess we might have to wait a little longer.
  3. 1. Teleport to Capital (atm in Game) 2. Teleport to Outpost (every 6 hours, without Ship and Cargo ,cost Gold - depends on Range, u need a Ship in the Target Outpost, similar to POTBS). I know its not realistic, but it can help in some Special Times.
  4. u can only teleport your person not the ship ! And only every 4 hours.
  5. Its a good Idea, teleport to Outpost should cost some Gold (5000) and have a cooldown Timer too (4 hours).
  6. Map system is very realistic and i like it very much . Perhaps we should add some zones Maps.
  7. James Blei

    Port battles

    1. Portbattles Teleport : NO, there is much more Realistic to sail to the PB,with all the Fleet Tactics ,Logistics and Scouting 2. Timezones - Nightflipping : The Idea from MikedaBike is not bad. 24h PB-Battle-Timer, with more Key-Battles. But when ? every 4 hours ? 3. WAR-PEACE : Whats about the Relationship between the Nations ? English Players attacks France Port - Relation between ENG and FRA chance to Warstatus. When come Peace back ? After some days without aggressive Actions between this Nations? Whats with the NPC-Traderoutes between Ports ? This can generate some nice Scenery´s. 4. Announcements : After the Player(s) attacks a Port a Global Report and a 10 hours Timer starts. An extra Warstatus Page would be nice. With all the Infos about Warstatus between Nations and Port under attack etc. 5. Port battle invites : PB should have a max. Cap 100 vs 100 in each Key-PB (Stress-Test can give more Infos about how many Ships can fight without FPS Issues). Invites goes out from Higher Rank to Lower, 2 hours before the Key-Battle begins. 6. Warzone : Should a Zone around the Port be closed for PVE and PVP Battles when the first Key-Battle begins and only open for Players they comes late to the PB ? Can he jump in it ? I am looking forward to when Tradegoods, Trade-Loots and PB hits the Server for testing.
  8. 1. Trading Goods & Trading Routes and get Loot from Trading Ships (Sugar,Tabacco etc) 2. Boarding Claim Flag If you claim a Ship, add a Flag below the white flag, so everyone can see that this Ship is claimed. And nobody can steal it. 3. La Couronne Displacement: 1400 tonnes Length: 54.2 m (178 ft) Beam: 14.3 m (47 ft) Draught: 7.1 m (23 ft) Complement: 600 Armament: 80 guns: 28 × 36-pounder long guns 30 × 18-pounder long guns 18 × 8-pounder long guns 4. Queen Anne´s Revenge The 300-ton vessel, originally named Concord, was a frigate built in England in 1710. She was captured by the French one year later. The ship was modified to hold more cargo, including slaves, and renamed La Concorde de Nantes. Sailing as a slave ship, she was captured by the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold on November 28, 1717, near the island of Martinique. Hornigold turned her over to one of his men, Edward Teach (later known as Blackbeard), and made him her captain. General characteristics Class and type: Frigate, Pinas Tons burthen: 300 bm Length: 31.4 m (103 ft) Beam: 7.1 m (24.6 ft) Complement: 125 Armament: 40 cannon 5. Custome Flags & Sails (for Players, Guilds, Allys) 6. Custom Shipname You can only see the Customshipname if u look in the Spyglass and zoom Thats what i would love to see it iin the Game
  9. Ahoy ! Ich hoffe ich kann bald in See stehen Freue mich schon auf spannende Battles. Sieht alles sehr gut aus. Hoffe ich treffe euch auch ingame. Bis dann, Sail Save James Blei
  10. Economy should be build on historical facts. Sugar, Tabac, Cottons, Rum, Labour for the Planations, Iron, Coal, Zinc, Silver, diff. Wood, diff. Stones., Clothes, Coffee etc. The PlantationsThe West Indian islands offered the lure of high profits. These were realised through the plantation system, which was begun by the Spanish and developed by the Dutch and French. Britain took it a step further with large-scale production of tobacco, coffee, cotton and sugar cane. Pioneering smallholdings in the West Indies were amalgamated into bigger plantations, perhaps following the practice of enclosure developed in Britain from the 17th century.. Also Players and Guilds can invest Money in the economy of a City to become a greater Production outcome. Politic become a great Role. For Example: A good Traderoute , Sugar from Guayama to Charlestown brings the best Profit. And if u a French and France are in War with England u cant sell it in Charlestown without risk your Ship and Cargo when a British Warship attacks you. On the other Way the Price for Sugar will raise in Charlestown. (supply and demand). It can be awesome in my oppinion. Whats the plan for the Economy and Politics System in NA ?
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