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    Kontradmiral Teary, Emperor Teary of the Danes, King Cryalot of the sad rebellion, Sir Salty of the tear collection club, Lord of the Tears, Duke of Depression, Sultan of Sorrow Officer of Host
  2. Bumping hoping ink can do this for me!.
  3. @Ink is the above possible ink? sorry to be a pain just dont want to play solo. @admin
  4. Ah ok, apologies as i thought it was earlier, is it possible i can get some? Appreciate your help ink
  5. my name on global server is teary can you check my creation date or could i please have some forged papers? @Ink Sorry as understand your very busy, this can wait if needbe
  6. OK, ill check when later but i definately dont have any, if not is it possible i can get some Ink? Don't want to be left alone
  7. For post last wipe. around June 6th as me and friend were near each other.
  8. Hi All, Most the people i know left my nation recently, in which im planning on moving myself as it's now dead. My issue is, i've never changed nation but also never recieved forged papers when i signed up. I've owned this game since June 2015 and originally started playing when OW was just released. @Ink @admin Is it possible i can have some forged papers as i feel a bit stuck otherwise, could you PM me if possible.
  9. Agreed, i feel that this update drives away from a player economy which i thought was the end goal... With the goods that we can't craft it's damaging to the local nation economies to lower our margins which essentially makes it pointless to risk losing 2 Indiamans for 100-150% margin which if we lose the Indiamans is less than what we can replace them for and a 3-4 hours sail. It should be down to us to set pricing and competition between us as we demand those goods for trading will drive prices up...
  10. fair point, although i imagine that means we'll be seeing a lot of Santi's, Victorys and Marseille by end game. Although right now agreed, not a priority
  11. Neary

    Port battles

    Much prefer travelling to destination, we could said blocks up to slow the enemy down etc, just make sure people are well aware of the time its taking place
  12. Agrred, with Howe, eventually the more the merrier!
  13. Yh the journey from Oranjestad to Zoutman for the dutch is quite a distance, the first time i did it i hit a storm (slowed me to 3-5kn) and then happened to have to wind straight against my sails, took us ages, although i've done the journey much faster since
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