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  1. Certainly an example of inequity, I believe. But if you want evidence of personal attacks on players in this thread, I think you need only read all 5 pages of this thread, which I don't think I need to link, as we are both posting in it right now. I'm not singling anyone out when I say that personal attacks are taking place within this thread, I just believe that no matter who is guilty, it is unproductive to actually discussing anything.
  2. there's an example: "Oh, I sank one of your guys, and instead of having a word, you try and kill me! How DAH YOU SAH!" Childish, I know, but I feel that you're being kind of disingenuous with that one mate.
  3. I think the question of who is 'cheating' any given agreement is fairly contestable by Poland as well. I'd go as far as to say that it is obvious that any inequity in our agreements has thus far favoured GB and not Poland. I also don't believe this thread needs to devolve into personal attacks, when it just shows that you have nothing of value to add, and are just trying to score points and not actually resolve anything. This is a caution to both sides, I don't want my nation looking bad because of overzealous forum warriors.
  4. This is a joke, no word back at all on whether its possible or not. It really is just a 'yes' or 'no' answer.
  5. Looks like you're being ignored, would at least expect a response- even if they are un-able/willing to give you papers.
  6. Come on @Ink and @admin, help this poor fellow out
  7. Seems a bit unfair that some accounts have one or even two of these, and others have none. Surely this is a fair case?
  8. Really enjoyed the RPS piece especially, and you're not a peasant, market prices, even in NA, affect us all :D.
  9. Yes, but NPC trade goods form the backbone of any trader's volume, and as they are not craftable, the price between players cannot be regulated because there is no ability to control production, and now you can no longer bid on prices. You have much less power to determine these prices than you did last week because the in game shops subvert the bid/ask system with NPC goods. If you want a player driven economy, make the port bid prices dynamic on NPC goods, or remove them from the game entirely, seems to be the only way forward IMO. Edit with some thoughts: I'd be in favour of a npc market which seeds the highest bidder, with the port itself alternating bid prices and asking prices much like it always does, but to reflect the fluctating supply from ports, creating supply side factors to pricing to make speculation and arbitrage trading exciting and risky, but in a fun way making you pay for bad decisions, all while players place their own bids and post offers in tandem, exposing them to fair risk. Then, to avoid the 1g outbid spam, would it be possible to force contracts to make bids and asks as a percentage of port base bid/ask prices to ensure its fairness and stablility, while still making market pvp interesting and fun? What's everyone's verdict?
  10. Okay, but in market terms that a Bid (Sell) and Ask (Buy). If I cannot make a bid lower than asking price, how are markets regulated by players and not NPCs?
  11. Interesting, but surely the market being seeded should go to those making bids, rather than the selling stock just increasing? The port makes a bid with everyone else to regulate lowest price and allows bidding wars to spread from there, putting the control of that back into the hands of players, especially national players who can place the contracts to begin with.
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