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  1. Nice ! I was told that Whaling was discussed before and it was deemed a no go zone due to the fact that it is highly controversial. It is nice to hear that Fishing will be brought in. Cheers for the info.
  2. Haha, I love the idea about the wooden wheel ! Maybe if the game got popular somebody could develop a wheel just for Naval Action ! I do really think that if the First Person view was developed it could open the door to many new features for the game. Better Crew management also sounds like a great idea
  3. Hello, I have been thinking on how to improve Naval Action and I believe that I have come up with a few ideas, some feedback on these ideas would be appreciated thanks. First of all I would like to suggest the implementation of Fishing into the game I believe that it would be nice to be able to go out fishing and then return to port and get paid for it. I also believe that it would add a whole new dynamic to port battles and ports, for example I have heard that food will become a variable for ports and that ports will need food to feed there population. So AI ships will have to go fishing and bring back the food, players could also do fishing and sell them to the port if they wish. So if an enemy nation kills your AI fishing vessels the port will become malnourished and production will decrease, and by allowing fishing people will be able to make money other than trading and fighting this will make the game more dynamic and add another revenue stream. Obviously whaling would be an no go zone as there are people that are sensitive about that issue and we would be best to not aggravate anybody, so just normal fishing will enough. My second idea would the implementation of wheel support for the game and possibly have a force feedback option so people could feel the wind in there wheel and they can feel when they are being shot., to implement this wheel support I would recommend the development of a helms view with a working helms wheel, this will allow people to use there wheel and actually see it working on the ship, thus making the whole thing worth it ! Although this is a long way off I think that also having a helms view and wheel support could eventually lead to VR support as you would need a view like a helm view to make something like VR useful, although VR is a long shot I do believe that a helms view and wheel support is definitely something that could be implemented. Although all of this would be difficult to implement I think that it would add a whole new dynamic to the game and would make it much more enjoyable, rather than being stuck in 3rd person all of the time. Cheers Platinumrow
  4. Hello, I have a steering wheel and I would love to use it in battles as I think it will add a whole new layer of realism and immersion, especially if you could add force feedback, such as the waves and you feel shots hitting your ship. I hope that one day this can be implemented as stated before I think it would be amazing !
  5. Thanks for posting this thread as I was also wondering when we would get access. I am now looking forward to roughly a weeks time ! It seems a bit stupid to keep the servers up for sea trials when there are only about 5-15 people on it at one time ! And Thanks for the info Admins !! Finally keep up the good work !
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