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  1. Anyone else having a bug where they can't post in any chat?
  2. Personally, I'm a fan of making everything so expensive that you'd have to work with a group to create a profitable or viable system.
  3. We don't have 250 online at any one time... We have between 40 and 70 online tops.
  4. this will only make it harder to organise.
  5. It's just an inconvenience. We're gonna be dividing up into subgroups after this, but it just makes communication slower. With the number of people playing, there are still opportunities for smaller clans. It's simply an inconvenience.
  6. A player called Scarface is being repeatedly toxic towards me, my clan, my clanmates, and many other players in the British community. Normally I would simply ignore it, but it is now getting to the point where his hate campaign against us is becoming effective, and people are accusing us of scamming and trolling. I know that many other British players are tired of Scarface's constant negativity, and it would be nice for something to be done about it.
  7. We have a large number of players who do come on teamspeak.
  8. We are. We're unable to expand at the moment!
  9. With so many people playing the game, and so many being eager to join clans, we're running out of clan space. There is no realistic reason I can think of why we should be limited. Large clans will be necessary to carry out long-range engagements against other nations, not to mention organise and teach new players. The alternative is buying up a large number of smaller clans in-game just for one larger clan. It would be a great help to all of us if you could increase the clan size limit. Also, the clan online counter is broken. And a search function for people in the clan would be nice o.O Many thanks! Lord Admiral & Director Zak Pearce (British West Indies Trading Company)
  10. Sounds pretty god We need officers for PvP2 - you could be a valuable asset! If you want, you can contact me on steam at [bWITC] GeekSqueak - I won't be on TS today as it is currently broken.
  11. Hey there! The British West Indies company is a clan with a strong economic focus in service of the crown. We are led by profit, seizing ports and ships from anyone in our way. As a chartered corporation, we frequently exercise the right to act in the interests of the crown and seize territories. For wealth, prosperity, and strong shipping, register as a partner and join the British West Indies trading company today! You can find our teamspeak at
  12. Hey there! We can teach you all these things within our teamspeak. You're more than welcome to join!
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