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  1. hi dev, I m a pvp player only and i play with the rules you give to us ! there is two main problems actually that i think you have to fix . 1 The size of the engaging cercle is to big . 2 the positional mechanic that you had implement is the worst things for people how dont want to get gank ! it now to easy to catch some one so i dont think is good to avoid ganks lol . anyway hope that will help you see you in the open sea captains
  2. I m a pvp player and i realy dont think its a good idea to add wind strenght in order to give possibility for bigger vessels to hunt and in the same time give them chassers ! you just add complexity and not add new gameplay because there will be always a better ship to sail in stronger win and the same in slower one ! this will just add complexity . this will not avoid the fact that some ship are better in some way . yes there is better ship to take in order to hunt but also there is better one in order to make line fight and same for turning fight. and so ! However just lets player play one kind of ship for eatch rank !! in the same time you want to add the crew systeme and what will happen when the wind will be better for bigger ship like victory and santi and then all player will play them this day and lose them ? they will be not able to sail again until next day!! BIG PROBLEM I hope this will help you to think about it ! see you in open sea captains
  3. Hi guy and dev, Yesterday i make some pvp with british player and some of them useing a exploit. Wich one cause a impossibility to leave the battle restarting all the time the timer with out any chance to hit your ship because to far away. This is a but probleme and he must be fix fast. i made a few report during the day and i hope those will help . Be carefull and plz report those player .
  4. Erojack

    Exploit bug used by some british player

    YES all the same but much far away
  5. Erojack

    Exploit bug used by some british player

    impossible to shoot at this range during more then 30 minutes. You just have to look all the bullet going in water and just look how far they are .
  6. Erojack


    HI guys, I need to know where can i find a map of the current game with the possition and location of town ? Because have go one outside the game but a lot of town have been change. When do you think map in game will be complete and more accuret? THX
  7. Erojack

    NA business model?

    if its cosmetics no probleme but if they sell for real money consumable for pvp or better ship or moduels it the end of this game . exepte if you can buy them in game currency.
  8. Erojack

    NA business model?

    The best model for me and i think for all it a model like EVE You just have to buy you license for playing the game in real money or in game money that will let the hard core player be reward for the time they play and the more casual player to play more in order to generate in game money so they have many option to do it : 1 join a guild and so work together to make more profits 2 play for defend the economie of there guild or nation because they have a big interest to do it 3 playing more but surely not a pay to win with premium ship and premium things this will not push the economie and make richest player better. thx for reaing me poor english
  9. Erojack

    Modules suggestion

    modules are there to make use of you brain they will make a variety of differents fitting and ship and also use of ship . however the bigger one will always win due to is initial stats. this is the key for a good or a bad game. diversification of ships
  10. I want to play exclusively pirates But i see a big problem with pirates with this kind of re enforcement mechanics let say im a bad pirates and i enter a battle spain vs brit so actually in what i read from you i can join en reenforce one side ok but if i start shotting on the guys what im suppose to help " because i a troller "? there is no way to punish me because im already a pirates. this is why i invite you to make battle in a 3 ways . Or if you dont want that just dont let pirates have the abbility to help a another nation. But in the same time this is a nerf and you will limit the gameplay for pirates ones again thx for reading just think about that !!
  11. i totaly agree with that but for me the main probleme of all your number is the 3 days of farming Module need to be craft buy player first and also loot a littel bite. we need to see how dev will driven the economie hope they dont make this game pay to win with the premium ship and other thing.
  12. how dev will continue finance the game after ? i heard about premium ship ? will it become a pay to win ?
  13. Erojack

    Loadout for different decks (Staggered deck loading)

    i agree with this idea and in this game there is a probleme with grape and sails shoot because they dont make enought damage at all how demast a ship when you shop make only 5% sails damage. it just not possible for a fregate to fight a bigger ship and what about boarding grape make approximatly the same dammage as ball so again same problemes. this is all about use of fregates against bigger ship because now i dont see haw to win a fight in a fregate against a 1 2 3 rates. if the game stay like that no point to play lighter ship. because a good game it when bigger not mean best one ! sorry for my poor english but i do my best to help i play 6 years potbs so i know this kind of mechanics
  14. Erojack

    Modules suggestion

    i realy dont like this idea the modules need to be craft and (also loot a littel bite) because this will make the economie running. and for resources all nation need to fight for it so it a ring because they will destoy why they fighting for. it a mmo with the economique part so must to be player driven. if the dev want all player fighting for the economie.
  15. look good for me Bbut i have to propose some thing for pirates side only let pirates to enter in every battel like spain and brit to for a 3 side in the battel but not to reenforce one side. I dont think pirates in the past will never chose any side and still all the time enemy for any nation. Just think about that it will be so nice to see some fight disturbe by a littel pirates group trying to sink some of the big ship.
  16. Erojack

    At sea repairs vs at port repairs

    I think all the repairs must be on colldown and not like now for simple reason that the battel timer is 1h and also that you will have 25vs25 battel in open sea. maybe 10 minutes will be good
  17. Erojack

    Server issues?

    same no server on now why?
  18. Erojack

    Captains in Port List

    why not good idea
  19. Erojack

    Log out timer - modification

    i think a 5 minutes cooldown it enough. ofcours if you engage the timer reset with a littel annimation why not .
  20. Erojack

    Rule of engagement discussions

    i have a idea coming from POTBS why not put escape point in the map when you are in battel ? i remember me playing a lone with my bahamut and escap 4 or 5 ennemis after 10 o 15 minutes trying to go for the escape point . this can help with the timer if you not receive any damage for 2 minutes you can leave the battel safe . I was a Pro PVP player and always flag pvp on and in the red and i never be scare about ganking ! why? Because i just put some fits on my ship witch will help me if i need to run to escape point Seconde because i open my eyes in open sea and know witch ship its a probleme for me and if i need to stop in a port or change direction or engage a npc in order to avoid the ennemis. just one thing be awere. The ship must be all different and not the same in order to suit multi roles, off course one will be better for ganker or light pvp group but not good at all for heavy or large pvp group in a line fight . I LET YOU THINK ABOUT THAT.
  21. Erojack

    Who is Who : NA<=>Potbs

    Please use formular bellow : Potbs name: Erojack, preatorian II , la tafiolle, lol lololololoIol, IIIII IIIIIIII Potbs server : Robert , Potbs society: main Demons des caraibes Potbs nation: Pirate NA IG name: Erojack
  22. Erojack

    ex Pirates of potbs

    hi guys, will be nice to know how mutch of you will be play pirates in NA ? i m EROJACK also know as IIIIIIII IIII OR lol lolololololol , praetoriane II ex society Demons des caraibes ? please leave me a message i will add you all in friend liste.
  23. if you start to ask the game for fair fight after you will love to have fair wind ect ... if you are in hot zone you just have to be carfefull and if not just too be in a fast ship this is not to complicated !!!? however why not only 1v1 in 1rates? just need to implement a duel mechanique in open sea and for the rest open your eyes.
  24. Erojack

    Rule of engagement discussions

    i think a yes or no question for enter it a good idea. yes if you dont click yes you will be split but sometime you will save the seconde ship witch one didn't enter. this is the game if you are in a littel group of player or alone dont go near the hot spot. juste be carefull.
  25. i dont think giving too mutch advantage for spain or a nother nation is not fine I think all nations need a least one shallow water area. yes i know it must be a little bite historical but what the advantage to start in hard Mode it s not a stategic board game but a mmo. why people will want to play traders will go and play other nation then spain? this will be not over power the spain nation because a lot of player will be " force" to play it in order to become a good and a riche one ? i hope that will help to think about that.