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  1. Oh, I did. Once I'd finished being angry at myself (he got me fair and square, no-one to blame but myself), I saw the humour in the situation and laughed it off. If I'm honest, I didn't quite like how it felt in that one combat, so maybe I didn't lose out.
  2. Actually, that was a problem I had. It wasn't really a problem, but I couldn't initiate boarding actions when we were both at a dead stop, flank on to each other and it ended up being the AI doing the boarding.
  3. That would have been handy, as I'd only wanted to see what it could be like in combat. If it is available at a prohibitively expensive price I doubt I'd go for it*, but at least it won't be lost to everyone forever. *I'd hoped, from the pictures, that it would be akin to ships like this, but it is so bizarrely (and heavily) armed and looks quite odd, as well as feeling a little sluggish to me in the one combat I had, so I doubt I'd have gotten on with it anyway.
  4. As much as I'd love to have given feedback on this ship, I was jumped before I could even try using it in a PvE mission (as a test run) and lost it to a Trincomalee. Typical of my sort of luck, really; here, have a one of a kind ship you won't be able to get again! Oh look, you've lost it.
  5. Completed the Endurance exam, but I had to go about it by using the 'Attack > AI Defends > Fire Deck Guns' behaviour in a 'rage board' to get rid of the first ship so I could duel the second ship into the depths. All of my other attempts ended in disaster as I couldn't take down the first Brig quickly enough to be in a good enough shape for the second Brig. Otherwise I can't see how anyone could pass the examination as it currently stands unless they got lucky. I feel as though I got lucky on my successful attempt as it was the only one where I didn't have a yellow/red rudder 90% of the
  6. I wish they'd gone for a clan-based system whereby: Each nation remains with a single capital port that can't be taken. Each clan picks its nation on creation. Clans can create a unique 'Look at us' type flag (like EVE's Corporations, I think it was) from in-game options (colours, symbols, etc.) that could also be their ensign in battle. Non-clan players are a 'neutral' nation, as it were, in that they can access every port and do as they please until they join a clan whereupon they become part of the same nation, with the option to raise a nation's flag as your own, bu
  7. Now this intrigues me. I'm awfully curious to know what you chaps have in mind. This tutorial/examination business: what happens, I must ask, if a player fails this M&C tutorial 'examination'? Do they have to keep trying until they succeed? Or will they start at a lower rank with a 6th Rate? I'm glad that you're taking steps to solve the issue of new players & square-riggers, but I still have some reservations about this 'examination' thing. I'm sure once we have the information it will all fit into place but until then it seems a little peculiar, especially the claim that it will
  8. Well, if I were told to think of three ways to encourage players to return, I would do the following... First: Introduce PvP 'hotzones'. Regardless of how they emerge (placed by server every couple of hours, or built off of where battles are taking place), what I would do with them is have them increase in size as more battles take place, and rewards begin to increase. The more battles that are going on the bigger the zone, which in turn means higher rewards, so more and more people can get in on it and feel rewarded for fighting. Also some minor rewards for input, not just for winning.
  9. To turn that on its head, surely we should have an auto-surrender option for when crew losses hit a certain percentage, because crews aren't stupid and won't fight to the death. Game mechanics have to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt at times and this is an area where that perspective is needed. If PvP in this game is meant to primarily be about skill, why deny others the chance to show their capability? Keeping your 6th Rate out of the line-of-sight of a larger ship's batteries is not an easy task. Judgement of distance, speed, turning speeds, reading opponents' intentions and timing
  10. I must agree. As a 6th Rate user I know the joy and pain of being in such a small ship. The tactics our clan have developed, as we play in our hunting ships, have allowed us to overcome larger ships, quite often with barely any scratches. Most of the time when we've taken bigger ships it has been because the Captains try and run from us.* This led us to be so lax that when we found a captain who would fight. On that occasion Caroline Vodka, who was in either a 4th or 5th Rate (I can't remember which - long time ago), gave us such a bloody nose that we limped off in one direction and bailing wa
  11. The three things I'd say to that are this: Firstly, it has been that long (several weeks) since I've last been able to log into the game and play (hurrah for work and my current situation) and I had not seen the hotfix-update-patch that made NPC ships capturable again. Some people would argue that I shouldn't be making suggestions without very recent in-game experience, but when you've an idea... Secondly, even with that change, with this suggestion you don't have to faff about finding an NPC ship, chasing it, dealing with anything interfering with your attempt to capture an NPC sh
  12. My suggestion would be halving the map. Ish. In that the map goes from the Lesser Antilles to somewhere around the Greater Antilles. This would give a significant amount of land, ports and sea space, whilst bringing everyone closer together. Ahistorical divisions of territory would be required to start with, but if mechanics were sorted and the number of people playing grew then the map could be 'unrolled', as it were, to bring more territory and sea space into the game world. This may be a rose-tinted view, but when I first entered the Open World when it was released, as I hung around Eng
  13. Good point! Treated like an NPC ship in that you can loot it but not capture it.
  14. Now, this may have been suggested elsewhere, but as I've not the time nor interest to trawl through every single thread and read every single post, I'm going to throw this out here as a suggestion and gauge the reaction to it; there may be flaws in it that I've not seen. The problem below is what I've gathered from reading threads about the forum recently (I can't be in-game currently), that the grind and access to ships is an issue, particularly progression from 7th Rates to 6th Rates. This is not an answer to solve the problem entirely, but it could help. On to the issue at hand... Fr
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