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  1. I will be satisfied when the Americans have 30 ports or less.
  2. Got it off a exceptionsl5merc build
  3. And to think this all started from independent players taking the first Dane port,and the banter in global chat. Glad you guys are getting good content
  4. What would an 11 am et patching window look like? 4pm gmt 3am au. That wouldn't be terrible. Plus during devs day
  5. Cool paper. Can't wait to face your first rate
  6. Honestly when I started this attack with independents was just looking for a fight and some loot without poking the bigger sea monsters out there. Also thought the Bork thing was hilarious. Was a great first fight for those two first ports. Hope the clans that moved t here have a great time. Basically baits you can blame me for this content. .and global chat
  7. You won the delaying action of Salina point letting other bits get en place to resist your fleet in force all 4 fights I was in vs the US were tons of fun
  8. This is great! i love the Swedish humor and fights. tons of fun!
  9. ahh poe, i was talking about the brits who were fighting up there. on the US side for sure USS guys
  10. The best part about the Bahamas it isn't even one clan. It's mostly pub groups doing the fighting
  11. Thank you devs for making this game. Love it very much
  12. Good luck. That us 20 mercury fleet will be interesting to try and break
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