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  1. This would be neat. More so if you could see black smoke coming off the whalers ship in OW. Make for a juicy target for pirates
  2. Dlc ships are expensive. They are weaker then their counterparts even with their s woods. They can almost match if you get a god roll on your pb, good luck on that. I see no reason to nerf them. Its ridiculous discussing making them weaker.
  3. It's a white flag with a cannon on it. It would be a neat one for the Americans
  4. Bump for a great idea! Seeing as there are only 3 clan ranks and creator this would also help keep the warehouse safe while still allowing new members to get things they need.
  5. or maybe i could continue to support this game as i have done from the start? i know nothing about making games nor do i have the desire to learn. why would i support someone else to make it? i love this game and where it is. i have no problem with their prices and content. you must be confused? are you suggesting the game should fail? i dont understand what your trying to say here. just because i only recently became active on the forums doesn't mean i haven't been here for a long time. this game has come a very long way and the devs have earned every dollar they make. if YOU have a problem w
  6. I agree that they are probably spreading a little thin and would much prefer this game was their main focus. However this game is fully released. So our choices are we show them its financially profitable to keep it going and develop it further, or let it run its course and fade away. I know personally I would like this game to go the way of eve and live forever. I will continue to throw my sheckles at it to help ensure that. I'm a poor man but I believe in this game.
  7. I would like to use the paint dlc more. I see no reason we cant paint dlc ships all we want 😃
  8. Stats for each ship. Would be neat if each ship saved its stats that she kept till she sunk (even if sold, captured, or traded). Examples such as. Distance traveled, ships sunk, date created, nations that have owned her, players that have owned her. Let's see each ship tell a story 😃
  9. The dev's have to pay for servers and staff. Dont be silly. I think they should also offer an optional monthly sub that would give you some non intrusive perks.
  10. That's ridiculous. Games are ment to be fun. Your not going to make much of money if your game isnt enjoyable. It should be beneficial for both parties. Loki should get half exp or something. Right now it's just a troll item. I love this game. I have been a backer for a very long time but that dosen't mean I support half baked mechanics. The loki rune needs work.
  11. It's not a victory if they get nothing for it. I'm in a battle for an hour then they jump in and immediately escape. Its griefing. Make a loki have to wait 15min before they can escape then if the mechanic must stay. The way it is now makes no sense and is not fun imo.
  12. @admin please make it so Loki cant escape from battle. I will fight a skull fleet, loki jumps into the skull ship and escapes so I lose my loot. If they escape just let ai take the ship back over or just make it so they can only surrender.
  13. if we ever get officers or something of the like surrendering could allow you to keep them? POWs you can buy back or something?
  14. Let us have a captain and trainable officers that specialize in specific skills. They can give minimal boosts and would be another time sink to keep players playing. Maybe you always lose the captain with the ship but a random officer or two can be looted.
  15. I'm a big connie fan. I would agree that she should be a 4th rate. She wont stack against any 3rd rate and can be matched by a 4th with a decent captain. Great ship just not a line ship.
  16. i can log into pve server but pvp server wont let me in. i dont think its steam. everything else is working..
  17. hellow, quick thought as im in a match but maybe a way to know where im looking when i zoom in with my spyglass; like by my compass or numbers at the top?. and a view from the standing to the left of the ships wheel or rudder? love the game so far. made it to a navy brig
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