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  1. I agree you should be able to get the permit for all the DLC ships. However I also think it would be nice if all the permit ships could be DLC. They would be imported so you couldn't trade or sell em like a normal permit ship. Let me buy em all and redeem a connie every day in hope's I roll that good one. I freakin love this game and will happily throw my wallet at it. I personally have to work everyday, so when I can play I go fight. I'm glad the trade is there and would even like to see it expanded on but I have no intrest in it. I'm here for battle but when it takes me a month to build my S wood Connie's it's hard to take big fun risks in them. If all the permit ships are DLC then buy your favorites but the free guys can still get them to; with a little more effort. I admit I have not really thought this through and I'm looking at it through the lens of my play style. I see it as an opportunity for the dev's to make a lot more money without having to add anything new. Am I crazy? This sure sounds great in my head XD
  2. I'm not the best pvp player but I do ok. With that said I have been smoked by a bellona while in the redoubtable. I mean totally crushed. It's the captain that matters not the boat. Imo all this new dlc has done is allow more of the casual players start doing more pvp. More pvp more means more fun for everyone. You can also sink a redoubtable with a 5th rate if you know how to sail it. Or even with a snow. This dlc let's people go out and play the game for fun. Not spending all their time trying to build a big ship just to be to worried about losing it to actually sail it. Dlc levels the playing field and funds the game. I hope to see more of it myself. There's always the pve server if your really worried about pvp. If you do play the pvp server you should be fast enough to run from what you cant fight. Know your wind and the sailing profile of your enemy. This is very much a skill based game.
  3. Bellona just crushed my redoubtable the other day.
  4. This would be neat. More so if you could see black smoke coming off the whalers ship in OW. Make for a juicy target for pirates
  5. Dlc ships are expensive. They are weaker then their counterparts even with their s woods. They can almost match if you get a god roll on your pb, good luck on that. I see no reason to nerf them. Its ridiculous discussing making them weaker.
  6. It's a white flag with a cannon on it. It would be a neat one for the Americans
  7. Bump for a great idea! Seeing as there are only 3 clan ranks and creator this would also help keep the warehouse safe while still allowing new members to get things they need.
  8. It's not hard to find pvp. Just stop and think about where people will be. Wheres the trade? If you find the money you will find pvp. Traders to gank and people trying to gank them. Pick your target.
  9. Would love for any addition to the map =D
  10. or maybe i could continue to support this game as i have done from the start? i know nothing about making games nor do i have the desire to learn. why would i support someone else to make it? i love this game and where it is. i have no problem with their prices and content. you must be confused? are you suggesting the game should fail? i dont understand what your trying to say here. just because i only recently became active on the forums doesn't mean i haven't been here for a long time. this game has come a very long way and the devs have earned every dollar they make. if YOU have a problem with the way they do things then YOU go make a game.
  11. I agree that they are probably spreading a little thin and would much prefer this game was their main focus. However this game is fully released. So our choices are we show them its financially profitable to keep it going and develop it further, or let it run its course and fade away. I know personally I would like this game to go the way of eve and live forever. I will continue to throw my sheckles at it to help ensure that. I'm a poor man but I believe in this game.
  12. I would like to use the paint dlc more. I see no reason we cant paint dlc ships all we want 😃
  13. Stats for each ship. Would be neat if each ship saved its stats that she kept till she sunk (even if sold, captured, or traded). Examples such as. Distance traveled, ships sunk, date created, nations that have owned her, players that have owned her. Let's see each ship tell a story 😃
  14. Everyone got hit by the wipe. I have watched a lot of new players join and quickly start getting nice books, mods, and ships. If you are watching players quit it's not the games fault. YOU need to make more of an effort to help them learn the ropes. Our clan goes out of it's way to support new players. We do it to strengthen our nation, clan, and the games community. This is the way.
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