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  1. I also can no longer find the launcher for Ultimate Admirals. I bought this a year ago and it appears if I want to play it again I have to buy it again.......which is BS.
  2. I was quite focused on discussing the economy and crafting until the server issues forced me to forget about the economy. I can't imagine the dev's being serious about dumping the crafting and econ in the final release. Naval Action would be targeting a very narrow niche market indeed if they did that. But just the fact that rumor is out there and the dev's won't kill it is bleeding players as well.
  3. So, what your saying for PVP 1 to be exciting and dynamic it has to be so full that there's sometimes even a waiting list to log in. While PVP 2 sits almost empty most of the time. I'm not buying that.......you can find all the pvp and rvr you want with a server population of around 1,000 - 1,500 during it's busy time. PVP 1 doesn't have to have all the players to make this game fun........like it's some kind of contest. Most of you have no idea how much this hurts the game and the overall number of players playing Naval Action.
  4. Yes, it's pretty obvious servers have their slow times when most players are sleeping. Only a very foolish developer would base their server demand when the demand is at it's lowest. It would make sense to me to base your server demand when the load is at it's highest.......through the course of at least an entire month. There are several times more North Americans on the EU server than on the NA server ........the campaign to make that happen was a success.
  5. I just logged into PVP 2. PVP 2 is nearly empty, has 128 players online PVP 1 is full with a waiting queue. What a mess.
  6. The dev's need to get their server issues figured out because it's costing them lots of players........hundreds have quit playing for at least a little while because of several server issues.......mostly to do with PVP 2. - server migration that's being encouraged from PVP 2 to PVP 1. ( most don't migrate.....they quit ) - unexpected & long server crashes ........like the 8 hour crash yesterday on PVP 2 ( this alone cut PVP 2's population by nearly half from the day before.......how many of them quit ? ) - waiting cues to log into PVP 1. - confusion on what's going to happen with
  7. It doesn't matter now and Krakken is right.......the dev's are planning to merge the servers. After the 8 hour surprise shutdown of PVP 2 yesterday the player numbers have taken another big drop.........down to 94 a few minutes ago. Never seen that before in the morning. That shut down was not good.
  8. It's called consideration towards your customer and it only takes a couple minutes for one developer to show that consideration to a lot of players who were waiting for hours to play and who did not know what's going on or when the game will be up again. PVP 2 was down about 8 hours during primetime......what other mmo has that happened before ? There's only one other game I can think of that had an unexpected shut down for that long or longer where the players didn't know what the hell was going on............PotBS after the new developers took over.
  9. Over 4 hours now Dev's .......... what's going on ?
  10. What kind of imbalance are we talking talking about. The kind where players move back from PVP server 1 to PVP 2.......yea, we can never have that can we. Maybe you think players will make their money on PVP 2 and then somehow use it to help them on PVP 1 ? So, anyone have a better idea that will help reverse the server imbalance..........be specific please. Remember.......a server merge is not a sure thing. Maybe even a developer or moderator could help out ?
  11. Dumping the crafting and econ was a passing comment from one of the moderators to end a silly argument. If they actually did that you would see a big drop in player numbers........much like PotBS. The dev's won't commit Naval Action suicide.
  12. I'm a big believer in coming up with your own better idea if you don't like someone else's. Penalizing players for switching servers now after the damage is done would just ensure that the huge imbalance caused by the server migration would remain. Nothing would change. So Mrdoomed ........if you don't like my idea of a bonus for PVP 2.........what would you suggest could reverse the server migration ? Besides wishes and luck.
  13. Not sure what you mean Mrdoomed........explain the swapping mess that would happen. This plan would be if we kept 2 main pvp server's........does not apply if we combine them into one. The server with more players would have more opportunities for pvp, port battles and a larger economy. The server with less players would have a bonus to compensate for less pvp, port battles and a smaller economy.
  14. There's two approaches to dealing with this server imbalance and still keeping 2 main servers ( other than doing nothing at all ) A - penalize players for switching servers even more than what's happening currently or even force people to stay put. B - or the idea I mentioned before, the server that has a lot lower population gets a credit boost for pvp, missions.......anything that rewards money. The Dev's could set a automatic trigger. Once the less populated server gets below let's say 67% of the other server it gets a credit boost ( maybe 15% )...........have another bo
  15. Good news but an odd place to make this kind of announcement .......... under "National Wars and Piracy". Why didn't admin post this under "Developer news and announcements" There could be issues with players who have made the switch to PVP 1 but still have a lot of stuff in PVP 2 ......... wonder how that will be handled. Take a break, wait and see............stay in PVP 2 for now. Nice to see this problem has gotten the attention of the Dev's now .......... 4 or 5 days ago would have been better for those that switched.
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