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  1. The Vasa would be a neat ship to have.
  2. QQ, i always thought the galleons were the best looking ships ever built. And this seems to be one of the more heavily equipped ones.
  3. Padre Eterno (Portuguese Galleon)
  4. Please someone look into this i think it would be a kickass boat to have in this game.
  5. Archenland, just south of Narnia.
  6. the new site looks much more professional
  7. i am very curious about this game and would like to offer my part in research and dev
  8. I would love to test this game. gforce 760, 16GB DDR3, i7 4core 4770k
  9. I kind of like the fact of older boats being implemented into the game. Although they may not be as capable or have as good stats of the new boats, but the could be cheaper, kind of like a used car. It would be a good cheap throw away boat.
  10. I agree with the statement that first rates need to be qued instead of costing the same as a lesser size boat due to labor cap. I think that instead of clicking once to make a ship deed there should be building stages. Like when you click the "produce button" the boat gets placed into the shipyard. After the initial launch of the ship being built, certain materials need to be added costing more labor. So it would cost 5 or 6 days to make instead of just the stock max labor.
  11. i think that the balance in potbs is relatively well. The boats are expensive, but some people will risk them in Pvp/RvR. The reason the big boats were so popularly used in pvp back a few years ago is that they were severely duped. I like how in potbs the big boats are available for everyone. Well theirs my two cents, hope it helped.
  12. cant wait till testing/beta so excited to have this game!
  13. ohh lets see.... Minecraft: Jezub (dont play much anymore) Total war rome: Pirates of the Burning Sea: Rusty Barnacle, Richard Staron, Jezub II World of Tanks: Jezub World of Warplanes: Jezub GTA V: xbox live Mount and Blade: all mods Fallout new vegas
  14. I would love to be a tester for this game. I have been playing POTBS for about two years and am deeply in love with it. I have dumped countless amounts of money into the game to see the downfall of it. I would very much enjoy being a tester for this beautiful game. I live in North America, so that takes me out of the current testing :/. If there is anyway for me to participate in the future of the development of this game I would defiantly be interested. Keep up the good work, i am glad to see a replacement for POTBS.
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