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  1. I'm really excited about the land in battles. Will be much more depth in battles this way.
  2. Will the port names have a little flag icon near them instead?
  3. Even if the majority hates it, there is no reason to force them to go pirate because their actions are not against the rules. Swedes and Danes should go talk to each other and make a blacklist of swedish players which do not follow the majority so the Danish players know what to expect from this small privateer clan.
  4. Yea but what if this one clan does not agree which is 10%. There should be a system where there is a list of Enemies and Alliances for each nation. Then each CLAN can choose for themselves. For this particular topic: List for Sweden: Denmark-Norway --- Allied --- Enemies KF DRUNK HRE then the members of the DRUNK clan will be shown as enemies on open world for Denmark-Norway. You should not take away the freedom of players in a sandbox game.
  5. Can you post the image of the map so I can see how it looks like?
  6. I've been following the News forums for the last few weeks and I'm really sad I'm missing all this action. I will try to make time for Naval Action again so I can join this interesting war. Maybe I'll get online today after work. I haven't even tried the new patch yet so that should be fun.
  7. there should be a little indicator on one side if one of your group/clan members is in that battle so you wont join the wrong side. Or maybe they already have this in the game. Not sure though. Or at least make it so group/clan members can't join the opposite side.
  8. Don't worry. They don't even have the patience to read the older posts of admin for a clarification. This is like teaching a monkey how to sail a ship.
  9. I could give you a few tips and maybe make a video for it Cannons: Carronades - Poor Mediums - Decent Longs - Best (especially hitting masts) Best way to slow a ship down is shooting a broadside of chain from the foes bow or stern so you can hit multiple sails at once. This does however slow you down in the chasing process but after a good chain broadside you should be able to chase your foe down with ease. Best way to demast is using single shot with long cannons as their dispersion is very low. I also think unlocked sector auto is the best for shooting a mast. I also not
  10. No he said he was attacked by Anyita and he received reinforcements and the guy on his side shot him for some reason. Did you try to have a conversation with the guy to ask for an explanation? Also which nation are you playing?
  11. This!!! Window mode is less enjoyable but I want to be able to do stuff on my 2nd monitor and I can't do that in full screen without minimizing the game.
  12. I don't know which nation you're in but if you are already a pirate you should be able to engage other pirate players. Dragging a player into a battle to kill that player is green on green damage which is not allowed even for pirates I think but I don't know if they get dragged in as well. If you are playing a nation instead of pirate then you should turn pirate after doing those actions.
  13. I would say 1 character per account and remove neutral characters. Too many exploits with neutrals as they can't get attacked by any other nation but Pirates( not a nation ). They can however join every battle and choose a side. They can also enter every port BUT Pirate. I still want to see characters bound to servers so we could make multiple characters but only 1 per server. I would love to start a Pirate character on PvP2 just to have some fun PvP battles with other pirates. Unfortunately this is not possible and I don't see a reason not to allow this.
  14. Woah calm down! You are taking this far too serious. Let's continue fighting ingame instead of throwing words like this on the forums.
  15. Most of it looks good but I'm a bit concerned about these three things: My thoughts about these changes.
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