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  1. You think General McFatts would be getting better at this.
  2. Sorry it took so long guys, but I finally finished Cold Harbor. I have to say this one felt a bit underwhelming.
  3. Scaling does seem to be a bit messed up. I think part of the problem was I started my campaign before the latest patch and after they patched it the scaling didn't quite jive with my save game.
  4. Hot damn guys Mule Shoe was a fun little diversion.
  5. Just wrapped up Brock Road, things seem to be winding down after Chickamauga. Nearly finished. Thanks for all the support.
  6. These guys have been super helpful the whole time. I need to go rename a whole pile of brigades for you guys as I lost so many in the last few battles.
  7. Just finished Chickamauga.........it was a quite a bit harder than Gettsyburg is all I'm going to say. Onwards.
  8. Just finished Bayout Furche, any tips for Chickamauga?
  9. I brought Corps of 25 brigades each with and average brigade size of 1.2k.Let's just say that I cleaned house on day one and the rest of this battle was me being on the offensive the entire time.I suspect the battle scaling was a bit messed up as I know my skills at this game are lacklustre at best. Was this is a normal Union Gettysburg battle experience? Also I did remember to spend my rep so don't worry. Gburg was the most one sided battle I have ever fought.
  10. I'm on to Gettysburg next, any tips? Also sorry it's been so long since an upload.
  11. Just wrapped up Chancelorsville. What a battle. I actually thought it was over a day before it was over and maybe oopsed up with being overconfident. I also way over did Corp and Division orders. I'm learning. Oh this one was a hot mess. General McFatts would like to offer his condolences to all the families who lost men that day.
  12. Thanks for the tip I will do that. Also it sounds like I may need to spend a bit of time in the camp screen pre or post battle so you guys can give me better feedback on how I'm doing. Thanks again.
  13. I done messed up your Brigade pretty bad Sanford. You give some really solid advice here. Advice that I feel I have been learning slowly the hard way myself to a degree. Your point about arty makes sense too, I will spread it out more. As for spreading out experience to different corps I'm just starting to do this now. I'll see if I can learn from my mistakes and get my way through Chancelorsville, thanks for the feedback and I may just rename a unit in better shape Sanford as I hosed yours so badly.
  14. Just finished Supply Raid and as you can see I still suck using skirmisher cavalry. Next up Chancelorsville.
  15. Most of my brigades are skimpy. 1k to 2k. Most around 1.5k. As for guns I really only have about 2-3 units per corp. I will give your advice a go for Chance, thank you kindly sir. Just about ready to get it done.