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  1. Another way to limit 1st rate use would be to make a build contract for them... everyone gets a contract to start, but if you lose your 1st rate there is a cool down period before you can be issued with a new contract to build another, be it a week, a month, 3 months a year... Your admiralty is pissed at you for losing a highly priced asset, you are going to have to wiat/prove yourself to get a replacement.
  2. My theory is, as yet it does nothing and the devs set it in place to gather ideas for what it could be used for from posts such as this, once someone gets a great idea it will be added to the pray button and we will all say hallelujah!
  3. Love to see GPS removed, and replaced with tools to calculate your position to replace it. Love to see the ability to lower and raise each sail seperately as well as the system already in place. Hold a key down and mouse click a sail to set or stow. Love to see the ability to free roam on the ship so when sailing any distance you feel like your at deck height rather than follow cam, no need for avatar, just feel like feet on deck as an option.
  4. Rare is good, nothing exciting about everyday things, keep them rare so there is a real feeling attached to getting them. Any if anyone is stupid enough to paint there ship Pink i suggest a server wide hunt until they repaint LOL.
  5. Your crew get arm ache pulling on all the extra lines, and are unable to make and hold a cup of Tea, there for, it is in fact a real nerf for the British Navy as the crew all work at 25% as no Tea to boost them, i call for a Tea Perk where a char lady comes round giving a good fresh cuppa to all the lads pulling on those extra ropes...! Great vid thanks.
  6. If Real life was so great we wouldn't all be playing games to escape it lol
  7. To make it more interesting how about a mast has to be taken down from the top, in 3 sections, weaker at the top down to a sturdy base section, you have to work it down by sections, repairs would allow you to repair a section, maybe more than once, but you would never be able to spring 3 new masts with the magic mast beans you got from selling your family cow on the way to the market (jack). This would allow skill and time for both the de-master and the escaper..Obviously top masts would have to be a lot weaker as you don't want a 5 hour session knocking down 9 different sections to totally de mast, but with enough sections gone the job is easier enough to board. Just a thought.
  8. I would gladly accept an officer perk that took 20 points if it would offer the ability to mute the kid vicious and remove all his posts. Seriously my time spent reading interesting posts in this forum has decreased as his stuipid ego going on and on in so many posts just bores the shit out of me. Complete waste of time, and totally not wanted in any form what so ever... Played comp games since before the internet was invented, and in all the time since it has been, i have never read so much drivel from one person as pours from a certain hole located somewhere upon his person!
  9. Jees we even managed with no real probs before it went to steam without any in game map at all, we now have GPS how much easier can it get?
  10. Errrr i want club hauling as mentioned, where is my dropable anchor? Great review
  11. So let me get this right, this is a post to let a certain person, who has no ability to speak the truth, understand anything, has a huge ego based on delusions created by that said ego, a personality that represents all that is going bad in games these days. A post designed only to allow the motor mouth more rev space and NOT a post for those other fine folk to post about their own victories??? Have i got what this post is about correct. So so bored with the constant crap one player spews endlessly in every single post!
  12. Congrats sir, time well spent and hope the devs appreciate your hard work too
  13. They should be allowed to dump x amount of cargo every x amount of time, (ex 1 unit weight every minute) if the chaser wants to pick it up the trader can increase his chance to escape, if he wants the bigger prize of a half or more or less filled ship he ignores the stuf thrown over board and continues the chase with the hope he catches him with more in the hold than is sinking in the sea behind him...!
  14. Exactly, a poll that has only one side is not a poll. Add never, don't want or something to actually tick on the negative side and i will gladly tick it for you.
  15. OW speed and distance has gone through many many different testing periods since first launched, what we have now is the best it’s ever been. This game was never ever designed with the WWS and WT crowd in mind, it was never meant to appeal to the masses, it is a game of beauty aimed at those who appreciate the age and speed of the times it represents, not the need action now now now crowd who are, catered for in many many other games. Just because the masses decided to buy the game that is not aimed at them does not mean the game should change tack to suit them, as their attention spans of 5-10 minute pew pew is not what this game is here for. People leave all games eventually, EA games will always have this, many will return too, and if the devs stay true to the dream they started, upon release many new players will join. I see it as a game people will play for years, and just because the wws / wt children of today cannot stay longer than 1 minute in a queue for insta mind numbing pew pew with no depth or reason beyond repeating the exact same thing again and again every 4 minutes and calling it action, does not I pray mean this game has to follow that route. Thank god for a game that does not!
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