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  1. Love to see GPS removed, and replaced with tools to calculate your position to replace it. Love to see the ability to lower and raise each sail seperately as well as the system already in place. Hold a key down and mouse click a sail to set or stow. Love to see the ability to free roam on the ship so when sailing any distance you feel like your at deck height rather than follow cam, no need for avatar, just feel like feet on deck as an option.
  2. Give everyone 24 ai ships so we have full 25/25 battles no ganking is poss as only 1 player each side can join and you will never have to fight the battle yourself as you can all hide behind your meat shield until it is safe to close and small arm fire the survivors in the water.....! NO to AI fleets, Naval action not robotic action!!!
  3. About time a game company took a step in the right direction like this, the toxic foul mouth brigade have lowered the level of social interaction for far to long. Maybe they will start to learn a little respect comes back if given and perhaps even learn how to use and spell 5 letter words too.
  4. "You jumped up never come down fatherless son of a Chinese seaweed eating sea camel" This is something my father used to say at rare times, i have no idea why or if it had any origins beyond his own sailing/boat building joys but i begin to wonder if all those years ago he was preparing me for the days to come when Naval Action insult Generator would be born!!!! Good job and for those of us who remember the birth of the Internet when people from all over the globe started meeting and playing games together, the days before this generation of foul mouth disrespectful horn swaddled sea
  5. hve a look at that topic http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5955-port-battles/
  6. I remember listing to the BBC shipping forecast and the list of all the shipping areas lighthouses and vessels listed. Viking North Utsire South Utsire Forties Cromarty Forth Tyne Dogger Fisher German Bight Humber Thames Dover Wight Portland Plymouth Biscay Trafalgar FitzRoy Sole Lundy Fastnet Irish Sea Shannon Rockall Malin Hebrides Bailey Fair Isle Faeroes Southeast Iceland Sailed past quite a few of them in my past. Bring on the lighthouses
  7. This is a great shot of the Victory cross section from the site linked above, nice to see what ya shooting at lol..!
  8. I see no reason to have to walk around with a character through streets and open doors and stuff, it was that part that stopped me from wanting to play POTB and the like, they seemed unrealistic and completely not what i personally was waiting for and wanting in an age of sail game... this how ever is, shore side business yes, silly little cartoons with speech bubbles not my mug of rum at all, i think there are plenty of little kiddy sailing games already. Long awaited a game that focuses on the ships and the combat. Managing a shop/tavern etc i am happy with, but please no silly cartoon like
  9. Another problem with being out of home waters and no ai support is shown in the photo below. I attacked a lone Traders Brig in my once 5 dura Suprise, what happened next was out of a horror movie...... 8 SOL spawned all around me, i was completely and utterly in the middle of your worse nightmare as a sea captain. I do not know if any help would have been of use, but nothing came to my aid. As i said i was surrounded completely on all sides. Result is a 6000 gold bill which is 5976 more than i got from that battle. At present rate of gold incoming that ship is going to be in dock for
  10. New patch: Having been testing the new battle system with ai help, and have had the same results confirmed by other players there is a major bug if playing away from home waters. It appears that the AI are directly affected by what AI assistance enters the battle instance with you. I was testing (as English captain) down along the Spanish held coats at the southern part of the map, as such i was receiving no ai back up at all, which was fine, despite the Spanish fleets getting plenty. While attacking these fleets the ai would behave in a very dumbed down manner which incl
  11. No names seems good, but identifying ships in the middle of a battle needs some assist i feel, in real life you have hundreds of eyes looking all directions, officers and mates keeping tabs on situations and passing up information, losing sight of you target is unlikely when you have that many people under your command. I would say once within a certain distance identification should be made easier as this would help reflect the amount of info a captain can get from a good crew. In game we have only one set of eyes that must be every where and this is where some assit. for information should i
  12. Actually i think this would be more appropriate for the times, and if that fails then removal of the typing fingers should suffice! Taken out of context with the aim of a better solution
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