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  1. This game really needs to allow regimental control, that is the one major feature I feel that holds this game back, having static brigades severely limits the tactics you can employ and simplifies the gameplay. Also adding 2v2, 3v3 , 4v4 with larger full day scenarios with a chat lobby would do alot for this game or future games. This is all stuff that was available in 1997, with a thriving and social multiplayer community the game will become alot more popular.
  2. Well historically the Confederates were at a disadvantage in this battle given the terrain and size of the Union Army. Not being able to command troops on the regimental level like you could in SMG limits the angles of attack and approach that you can take. This also works both ways so you must use it to your advantage. I have won more games with the Confederates than I have lost since the new patch in multiplayer by carefully using the terrain and driving the enemy out out of their positions with overwhelming fire. I only charge or engage in melee combat under extreme circumstances. Exam
  3. Whether Shiloh was a victory in the eyes of some of the Confederacy at the time is subjective. While some Southern papers were touting victory, Northern papers were bashing on Grant accusing him of being a drunk who got 3000 of his troops captured and a large amount of his command killed. Having a free press means bias and misinformation alot of the time. The free press could be dangerous to an army on campaign. Example during the Chancellorsville campaign General Hooker wouldn't discuss any future plans or orders to his Corps commanders out of fear of them leaking it to the press for publicit
  4. The CSA had a large free press throughout the war, with different opinions and bias, and many critical of the government. Since regiments were composed of soldiers from the same counties it was up to the company and battalion officers to report directly to their towns and districts and their families would be informed through their local newspapers, not from the government.
  5. Peninsula Campaign and Jackson's Valley Campaign would be awesome.
  6. If the Army of Northern Virginia could not take the field at the end of the day, there would be hell to pay for months, not the political hell that the AOP would face, but starvation, lack of supplies, farmland and valuable resources destroyed, the officers knew this well. At the Wilderness the stakes were even higher and the Federals had their back to the Rappidan. Control of Telegraph Road, Old Turnpike road and Plank road and the Fredricksburg/Richmond railroad were on the line for this fight. Withdrawing and losing those junctions meant that the AONV from then on. would always have to prot
  7. Firing from the prone and reloading prone was very awkward and would severely slow the reloading process, although it was in the manual of instructions for skirmishing. The amount of smoke constricting the view and the limitation on ammo would have made 200 yards and under ideal for any kind of decisiveness. The skirmishers screening the battle line would lead the way for these for these deadly engagements to take place at such close range. I would argue more for reload speed and discipline as being the deciding factor due to the nature of the fighting. At 3 rounds a minute troops generally ha
  8. Sorry for the Lost Cause jab. The numbers I posted represent killed, wounded, captured and missing from the major Eastern theater engagements. The captured earlier in the war were usually quickly exchanged, also I did not include minor engagements which would bring the numbers back to roughly where they started. A greater number of Union troops could have returned for duty than Confederate, there are all kinds of possibilities. Wounds caused disease and death, and some wounded returned to their units. I don't think it's possible to get a 100% accurate set of statistics
  9. More multiplayer replayability. ( We need the random battles like SMG had!!! ) More commands for Infantry ( fire while advancing, Fire at will, volley )
  10. accidental double post
  11. Those statistics aren't relevant cross theater. A lopsided amount of the CS casualties were from the Western Theater. Vicksburg, Nashville and Atlanta. Those statistics are also not taking wounds into account, many of which were fatal but not added to the killed in action reports. You were far more likely to get wounded than killed in the ACW. Wounded and killed shows shows 282,000 dead or wounded Confederates and 394,000 dead or wounded Federals. Army of the Potomac total killed, wounded or captured in major engagements - 163,746 (.43%) Army of Northe
  12. is there any way it could be added to multiplayer like the single player decisions? maybe the winner of the map gets to chose the next much like the decisions in the single player campaign?
  13. Lee's strategy revolved around isolating and attacking 1 or 2 Federal Corps. Doing this would result in the withdrawal of the rest of the Army of the Potomac. Engaging the entire AOP on a broad front would have been suicidal. Giving the entire AOP time to surround the AONV and threaten his supply lines with a much larger force would have also been suicidal. The only way to win was with aggression, defending and not taking the initiative was far more dangerous against a much larger opponent. Taking advantage of the size of the slower moving AOP and easily predicting logistic and movement routes
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