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  1. And there goes my good and honest business with labour contracts... My apologies for paying reasonable prices for reasonable amounts of resources to sell the LC at a reasonable price. Sorry, I feel shame, guilt and regrets now.
  2. I agree. You have to compare on the same basis. After that, you can compare the terms of availability or price one has to pay for these ships - but that's another story.
  3. I don't like this buffed up uber-elite ships either. I don't get the reasoning behind this, to be honest. I fail to see how artificially buffed NPC with ridiculous stats could contribute to a sound game experience. I don't like to fight unfair numbers.
  4. This. There's a difference between practice and grind. I'd like to do the first a lot more than the latter. Meaning: It's better to actually practice your sailing and gunnery skills (as in you, the player, not some numbers in game) than just grinding marks and rewards and whatnot just to pimp your ship in order to get superior to a not so wealthy and grindy player, but without actually improving your very sills in handling your bloody ship. This is what drove me off of other MMO...
  5. The community forums over at Paradox Plaza introduced a "respectfully disagree"-button since the revamp of their platform. Works actually quite well.
  6. This. I'm a noob in PVP too and try to learn every time i sail out
  7. I feel very honered by your offer and I deeply welcome this most splendid opportunity! The Lesser Antilles offer great observation spots for a very fascinating wildlife. We will looking forward to any news of your endeavours.
  8. Priority is most certainly to provide casual players with other foci / other interests than only battling (though it's hell fun!) a platform to interact and to roleplay. In this clan, other "contributions" to the community or whoever will be held high, such as explorations of new territory, conversations about the interesting backgrounds of locations/events/animals, delivery missions, informations about ports, "scientific" assistance in operations etc. Wether this will be of demand in the future depends on given gameplay mechanics. Since exploration was announced to be part of the gameplay, though not very specific, there is certain hopes that this could at least be a fun aspect to play with in the future game. It would be interesting to hear what others would have on their mind about this. And for the WISHES .. I dream of a game where adventures can happen and since The Royal Society will probably not have tactical duties to attend, we are totally in for that Kind of stuff, whatever this will be!
  9. Thank you for your kind words, good sir! Fair winds!
  10. In hope for an updated list, here is our society: Name: The Royal Society Nation: Great Britain Language: English Contact: braginator in the forums, William Brouncker in-game Server: PVE
  11. Honorable ladies and gentlemen, explorer and scholars in His Majesty's service! Isn't it the curiosity and the acquisition of new knowledge which are the true values of society and mankind? We, The Royal Society, are dedicated to explore the new world, seek out new civilizations and examine new lifeforms and places for the glory of the British Empire. Wether you are looking for honorable fellows to share your knowledge and recieve help and renown or if you wish to join a scientific expedition, The Royal Society is your home and family. ​ ------------------- The Royal Society is mostly suitable for casual players which enjoy a bit of role play and are looking forward to future elements of exploring mechanics. Currently, TRS is on the PVE-server for the aforementioned reason. As the game is in a very early status, this has, as many other things, an experimental character, but let's discover what this journey may bring us! Maybe we establish as a information service? Maybe we could trade charts? Who knows..
  12. I am strongly in favour of the "nice sextant-button which gives me a rough position" way. Maybe with a nice special Navigation menu/map/whatev.
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