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  1. Royal Navy ships in this era had a Royal Marine detachment (not to be mistaken for the Royal Marine Artillery). These guys would be the ones shooting, not the normal sailors and gunners. Regarding the size of this compliment I found this: (Quote Wikipedia) "The number of marines on board Royal Naval ships depended on the size of the ship and was generally kept at a ratio of one marine per ship gun, plus officers." I am not sure about how much this extra crew has been already included, but this is extra crew just for close-quarter combat. However, if you loose crew they were known to h
  2. my first big battle and already prominently featured (although only because of pity for my poor little cutter )
  3. I guess the Devs won't do it as it takes too much time to get back on your ship and into the open seas if you have to sail to the next port first, especially if you are far away from land. Still great and funny idea. Maybe once your 5 points durability are used up? Would not happen as often and make you really feel the loss.
  4. I like that. In essence you would have two different types of navigation. If you own a chart for the area, be it bought or made by yourself, you just travel via minimap, no hassle, no need to actually produce charts for the game, no discouraging those who don't like navigation. If you don't own any charts you travel by navigation, thereby producing a chart which means you don't have to do it the second time you travel these waters and you could sell it. Also it is a valuable ressource, so if your ship ends up as a prize it could maybe be a nice commodity for your captor. And you sh
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