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  1. Thanks for the information. When was this change applied? Was it announced in patch notes? I've been reading patch notes to keep me up to date (even when I was on a break from the game) and this would be something I would've noticed - since it's a potential loss-of-ship change. There is a mention of "Fixed 3 potential exploits thanks to @qw569 research" in patch 33, but if that was all there was of information I still feel I have a case for a ship refund. I played according to the established gameplay mechanics, without being informed of the mechanics being changed. PS. I never used this as an exploit, I actually wanted to kill the NPC properly myself for the Patrol damage.
  2. I've followed NPCs outside the circle before. It has been safe as long as he leaves circle first. My clock has stopped when he dies. Are you guys on PvP or PvE server?
  3. Enemy NPC 3rd Rate sailed outside the circle in Patrol fight. A while later (2min maybe) I followed him outside the circle. The NPC didn't die as he should (he never went back into the circle), so my clock ran out and I lost my ship. NAB-93873 PvE server. I request refund of my Aggamemnon.
  4. On PvE almost all ports used to be neutral. Now almost all ports are owned by a nation, but we can have outpost in any port. Even "enemy" capitals. This change was not reflected in the DLC Prolific Forger. I'm with Britain and wanna change to Pirates. I already have outposts with my buildings in Mortimer, Baracoa (spanish) and Saint-Nicolas (french). After buying the DLC yesterday I realized I now have to abandon these outpost just to re-open them again in the exact same ports after the swap. Meaning I lose my shipyard and all buildings, for no reason really.
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