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    Introduce Yourself!

    I don't know if someone has created a thread like this yet but since I haven't found one so far, I might as well create one! Obligatory thread for every forum. Principe here, well that's my alias in game. Currently, I'm playing NA obviously while testing in some various ways and arguing with others in here, forum. I started gaming ever since I was eleven years old, that is PC gaming from 11 years old so consoles beforehand! And now I'm around 18-24 years old, I mean who knows right!? I discovered Uncharted Waters Online when I was merely 12 years old and I fell in love with it; I played and played and played till I became a leading adventurer there. I soon got a new computer and quickly lost focus on UWO and started playing various of other MMORPGs which grew stale. Until recently, I've been playing strategy games and focusing in life. Now, I'm here. I wish to play this game till its end, depending on my real life situations as I will go to University soon but hey, that's life! Anyways, I'm very nationalistic so expect me to grab France Flag's and lead ships to battle someday! Oh and California Pride
  2. I know I know.. I kinda copied the POTBS thread but hey! POTBS playerbase might be large here (since UWO is still very active at this moment) but we can't ignore UWO now can we!? I'll start of first.. Uncharted Waters Online France Principe - 70/56/70 New Orleans Trading Co Naval Action France Principe New Orleans Trading Co
  3. Principe

    Warning: Hard data wipe

    So now that crafting will be out, does that mean Early Access is on its way?
  4. We had master craftsman repair, it would repair the dura back to its full potential if you have enough, plus its craftable as well so economy.
  5. Principe

    More interesting way to rise in game necessary?

    I'm liking the idea of connection between restriction of ships and economy! Keep'em coming but make sure to execute that idea into an actual feature.
  6. Principe

    Will we see more crew on the ships in the future?

    They can also monetize it by enabling us, the players, to modify the crew; their looks and the amount. It doesn't affect the stats at all, just the look so definitely not pay to win; I for once would definitely do that because simply speaking, its a good way to support the game developers.
  7. Principe

    Open World Population

    Just open the purchase for maybe a day or two.
  8. Principe

    OP Suck compared to battle alpha

    It's alpha so it should have a small player-base. Interface is ugly? That's a bit disrespectful considering the fact that Game-Labs has less than 10 employee; I'd rather have them focus on relevant things at the moment. Is your graphic card good enough for the game? Life is hard, but life is funner if there's more challenge to it. Smokes are fun; why complain.
  9. Principe

    An all carronade ship?

    Its insane damage wise but like someone else said, carronade is very weak against range and thus against a proper sniper, it will be dead within minutes.
  10. Principe

    Question regarding the patch.

    What will be included on the patch?
  11. Principe

    An all carronade ship?

    ' This! I think NA is going too realistic to a point where it restrict us, the players! Remember, this is a sandbox and dev should take a moderate approach to the realistic aspect of the game. With the restriction of carronades on some ships, it leaves me thinking that I'm technically forced into one "weapon" per se.
  12. Principe

    It's just an idea but...

    Yup, kind of like milestone achievements. Level 1: *Destroy 20 Brigs *Destroy 5 Mercury *Destroy 10 Navy Brigs Trade Level 1: *Gain a profit of more than 10k *Amass a fortune of 100k gold Exploration Level 1 *Stay at sea for more than 15 days Things like that can occupy other people This would award reputation points or even ranks in rare cases.
  13. People are really confusing themselves in here; the question is whether or not to include one of the other but which should be prioritized. And I'm tired of PVP people crying so Port Battles I guess as much as I want Crafting. I pick crafting.
  14. I think you missed the point of what admin was trying to say. He meant that they don't want to create yet another arena game (like LoL or WT) but with an age of sail skin. Plus there is one Nautical 18th Century Arena Deathmatch, it's alive but I have forgotten the name of it. Anyways my point is that, barely anyone like age of sail to be truthful to you and making such a big risk by getting rid of all the hardwork put onto OW and turning it into a basic arena deatmatch game is simply stupid. Yeah they're good at keeping people interested for a few weeks or so -- that's for the casual players -- but after that? Nada, no more. I have to keep emphasizing the 21st century attention span don't I? And you're a good example actually, you can't even wait for the development of this game Do try another poll, you'll see yourself at massive disadvantage. The OW offers much much more enjoyment and hours than a basic age of sail skinned arena "MMO". Most of us has that assumption by the way; the fact that you can't even wait for development process; the fact that you're simply telling the dev to abandon OW for the sake of Arena (I would be insulted if I was a Dev), the fact that you're simply thinking in one view-point -- that is yourself. Sorry but, as you can see with the replies, your suggestion won't be taken quite well by the community; heck if the dev do that, many people would quit and they would dub this game "A typical Early Access Money Grabbing Trash".
  15. And wow, really. This staff is being so pessimistic in the development for this game. Did I just read this right? Lol A staff should always be optimistic for the game with some basic worries but this guy completely said "We're not gonna make it". You're really understimating the PC gamers, once this game gets to Early Access, you're gonna have to worry about gankings everywhere cause there will be a lot of players, trust me.
  16. No, you're completely blinded to a factor. Let me just say it right now. Gamer in this generation have very short-attention span thus by taking this game and scraping the whole idea of OW into a full Arena MMO (By the way, you can't really call it MMO when its really all lobby...) you will see the game decline in a matter of months. The only reason why LoL & DOTA 2 are still alive despite their arena-estique is simply because they're one of the first one to hype it and it's competitive and fast-paced. Moreover, like what admin said before, they want to try to make a game that is on their vision unlike others; so scraping the OW idea to be a mere 1000th copy of Arena is not just a simply stupid but also very costly. TLDR: People will grind till Santi and will therefore quit afterwards leaving only a few behind leaving the game obsolete of activity. You have your opinions but don't try to force your ideals onto us; this is alpha. Unlike you, we can wait till it develop into something greater. If you have that low of a confidence then I think we'll need another tester to fill up the spot. That and there's other games for you. And lastly, Arena MMO, do you even know what you're saying now? Arena MMO, that's only deatmatch mode... (Thinking that Trafalgar is another mode is stupid, it's another deatmatch albeit scripted) Make a poll as well, you should know the result already by the amount of users rejecting your idea.
  17. You're not really thinking in general view-point. Did you see the effect of ST anyways? It gets boring too fast; heck the thought of it bores me. I honestly believe that you need to look at this issue in the long run; not just for yourself but for the player-base as a whole.
  18. No, I'd quit the game and so will others. Arena-deathmatch every single day would bore me to death.
  19. Principe

    The Economy (and other things)

    I just wish admin would at least reply to this, it feels like this wonderful idea is getting ignored.
  20. Principe

    New ROE discussion

    I feel like the game is turning away from its original purpose slowly.. Yes the gank is real and should be somewhat limited but the suggestion I see so far is so faraway from sandbox, it's not even plausible anymore.
  21. Hello! Since the other topic was nuked by several forum users (I admit, I was one of them), I might as well start another one that is actually useful and gets to the point, no offence SteelSandwich, your points were valid but it was simply nuked by other players and it became a no-man zone. Player-Controlled Nations Pros: 1. Dynamic Events 2. User-Generated Gameplay 3. Rich Content 4. Incentive Battles & More Battles 5. An Actual MMO & Sandbox; Working with other players & Freedom Cons: 1. Elite Population Control the game 2. Griefing if Elite use their power 3. Uncontrolled & Spiraling events I did my best to find the pro and cons so here they are, feel free to comment so I can add some more. Here is my statement from the previous thread; this entitles as to why I want a Player-Controlled Nations, thus Politics. "What's the benefit of a player-controlled politics? It creates a dynamic gameplay. That instead of the usual MMORPG where the system handles everything, like in UWO for example, we didn't get to pick who we get to go war with making some ESF really stale, so there's barely any combat nor politics within the game, it's simply dueling. That instead of the typical days where all you have to do is sink NPC/Players, you would actually have a reason to fight if it was based on player's action. Scenario: Great Britain completely destroys Sweden's elite fleet thus lowering their morale. New players are too scared to go out further to the sea so they have to go around their island just to gain exp. France looks at the situation and all the french guilds decides that enough is enough and declares war onto Great Britain. France uses diplomatic actions through player's connection to gain Spain and United States as an ally. Great Britain couldn't get any allies because of their actions to which players disagree thus getting no ally. Soon the war starts and GB is broken up, loses the war and loses some ports. France takes this on another level and starts insulting Great Britain and belittling them. Spain sees this as an insult of their assistance and secretly talk with GB's guilds and arranges a military alliance. France grows wary and halts their aggressive actions and further talk with United States. Soon, Great Britain regains their morale and declares war on France claiming to get back their ports, GB is assisted with Spain & the Dutch (Dutch claims its for economic purposes). France gains Denmark as an ally (Denmark guilds decides that GB's past bullying to a small nation, Sweden, is an act of aggression to Denmark since Denmark is small as well. Then the war begins: Great Britain, Dutch, Spain vs. France, United States, Sweden, & Norway The war soon begins and concludes on a stalemate, this is where the pirates take advantage of the situation and attacks the weak nation, exhausted from war. Look at this on a different perspective again, can this be achieved if developers takes control of politics? Nope This is only achieved because of player's opinion, dissent, respect, & glory. And if they gain control of politics, who knows what kind of events can transpire! I can think of more scenario that can be created because of player-controlled nation but you get the point, no?" Other Perspective I love Politics, that's all I can say. Well only ingame at the very least but I try to be open-mind so I always think about the other side as well. So from what I see is that, players fear of elites controlling their gameplay. Also another scenario is that solo players don't want to be bothered by the "Parliament-Nation" per se. Finally, another argument is that its not historic since most nations then are monarchy. I'll address all points above: First about elites controlling other players... That can only be done if the mechanics are weak as in they just made it and does not upgrade it further. This is 2015, we learn from the past games and I'm confident (not 100% anymore but still) with Game-Labs that they won't add such a simple feature where elites can take over. So cease your worry. Also another point I have to make is that, please look all around you. Do we all look like kids playing MMOs? No! We're mostly adults here because it's a B2P game and those "Elitists" can only be found in F2P games, trust me on this one. So if ever there's an elite controlling the game, then we'll kick them out, simple as that and the dev can rule of the justification of such. Solo Players About this, I'm very bias. If you don't want to participate in a nation's future interest then why bother joining it? If all you're gonna do is to sink NPC ships and explore and dislike social aspect of the game then join Neutral, simple as that. Another fix to that is to simply, make solo players (when they do identify themselves) temporarily a neutral if there's a war through player's actions. Like I said again, you're playing MMO, there's no excuse to not interact with other players, that's a simple cold hard truth. Historic Come on, we're here to enjoy the game, not to follow every procedure of historical aspects, there's always a balance to everything. Feel free to raise your arguments against this but please respect this and not spam, let's make this one a friendly thread with actual discussion and trying to persuade other people to follow and respect your plan. If you're here to simply say "I don't like this" and won't say any supporting statements, then please don't bother.
  22. Principe

    Player-Controlled Nations

    Besides player-controlled nation with random events would never make sense anyways; its contradictory .
  23. Principe

    Wouldn't this be a problem?

    It's a sandbox, use everything within your reach to turn the battle towards you or simply make a tactical retreat.
  24. Principe

    Player-Controlled Nations

    No offence but did you not read my reasoning? I think I said three reasoning already but there's still no reply or no argument against it from you. The fact that so many people vote for pro-politics is a proof that its viable for the future already, make a proper stand against Political System and I'll politely comply and argue against.