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  1. We had master craftsman repair, it would repair the dura back to its full potential if you have enough, plus its craftable as well so economy.
  2. I'm liking the idea of connection between restriction of ships and economy! Keep'em coming but make sure to execute that idea into an actual feature.
  3. Its insane damage wise but like someone else said, carronade is very weak against range and thus against a proper sniper, it will be dead within minutes.
  4. ' This! I think NA is going too realistic to a point where it restrict us, the players! Remember, this is a sandbox and dev should take a moderate approach to the realistic aspect of the game. With the restriction of carronades on some ships, it leaves me thinking that I'm technically forced into one "weapon" per se.
  5. Yup, kind of like milestone achievements. Level 1: *Destroy 20 Brigs *Destroy 5 Mercury *Destroy 10 Navy Brigs Trade Level 1: *Gain a profit of more than 10k *Amass a fortune of 100k gold Exploration Level 1 *Stay at sea for more than 15 days Things like that can occupy other people This would award reputation points or even ranks in rare cases.
  6. I just wish admin would at least reply to this, it feels like this wonderful idea is getting ignored.
  7. Yes please! This game is already realistic as it gets and if provision isn't here then what's the point?
  8. Hopefully at least one more instance can be released next patch.
  9. Yeah, the community is kind of a savage from time to time.
  10. Oh man, I was planning to get a Bellona too.
  11. Wow! Okay france, i'm sorry; you've been a great nation but I don't understand what you all are saying sometimes, maybe this girls can enlighten me more.
  12. I approve. It's just that.. I don't have any ideas at this moment.
  13. Oh hey! That's my picture and I completely agree but if game-labs do that, I'm sure they can make night even darker and possibly add lanterns to our ship as an optional thing (covert or safety).
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