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  1. Why limit mission cancellations? Most of the time missions spawn in stupid spots to begin with.
  2. Ronan

    please get rid of the npcs

    I don't really mind AI as long as there is only a small percentage each match. They are pretty much there as filler for the low player count, but when all the battles have 1-2 players and 80% AI it's a big problem and just becomes tedious and boring. The matchmaking is a problem as well, lets say 10 people are in a lobby, it literally just creates battles with 1-2 players on each side with the rest being AI. It doesn't make sense. Legends is great fun when the battles are decent sized and with actual players. I'll probably stop playing until the game is fully released if things don't improve.
  3. Ronan

    Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    So I've played 2 hours of Legends so far and it's already way better than open world, honestly did feel like sea trials. I had the most fun in sea trials and was sad to see it go. I stopped playing for about a year until now.
  4. If you think the Surprise is bad for rolling try the the Trinco, that thing rolls up to about 13 degrees going crosswind. So trying to shoot at an enemy with the side high in the air is impossible. All you have to do is depower and turn your yards so that the sails are getting no wind at all then fire once it stables out.
  5. Ronan

    NPC Ships

    Strange, I have never been attacked by an NPC for quite a while. Even being in the same sized ship they seem to do nothing.
  6. Don't forget AI being able to sail through land like it's not there.
  7. Ronan


    Got the Mercury recipe last night.
  8. Ronan

    The Crafting whinge thread.

    Yeah there is a real shortage of iron everywhere. I can't even progress from a cutter at the moment from no iron. Also the amount of iron required for fittings etc is ridiculous for the amount I can actually find.
  9. Ronan

    Patch #7 - Crafting patch.

    Yes, the lack of iron ore is preventing me from making a cutter..
  10. Ronan

    Feedback on new repairs

    I thought it was gonna be changed to passive repairing in battle? Slow repairs while being stuck in survival which cripples your sailing and reload anyway. Make the masts strong but once demasted, it's gone. Just have sail repair instead of mast repair.
  11. Ronan

    too much money

    Me and two others captured a bellona with just 2 yachts and a frigate 2 days ago so... Yeah.
  12. Ronan

    Wacky Patch #6.9 - community requests

    Yes, the game would be going down if the devs listened to people like DrZoidberg.
  13. Ronan

    Patch #7 - Crafting patch.

    Yes, what Loren said. I would like to see the 4th rate Ingermanland in game.
  14. I wasn't talking about the Victory, I was talking about the santi, which is 4950 tons.
  15. Ronan

    Warning: Hard data wipe

    DrZoidberg, the game is not dying. It's just everyone is waiting for the new patch to come to start playing because there's no point in grinding AI or anything. Yes I want the patch now but we can only wait to let them make it a good patch. Some info on why it's getting delayed would be nice though. Also, why should they make the game free to play? Everyone's already paid 40 euro/dollars etc for the game. It's a good game and shouldn't be free to play. If it was free to play it would just be another typical pay to win *cough* War thunder, World of tanks *cough*