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  1. sailing 1st rate and newbies, choice 1
  2. A lot better And hey, we Dutchies are not at peace with pirate, they harass us in our water eveyday
  3. Stop rusian thís russian that train please? They are playing as D-N call them D-N and everyone happy. Just like people play pirate, we call them pirate nothing more, nothing less.
  4. You guys have too much meatballs... After we cap macanao, all I can see is meatballs rolling out of the port and drifting back to St Geo...
  5. Because dutch and D-N have a strong relationship since the beginning of time.
  6. break? Nah I dont need any break, I just need to find a way to clone myself
  7. but i want to play both. Maybe i can fight bosses and do trading Two monitors masterrace
  8. I dont like it Dark souls 3 for pc is 11~12 I cant play both games at the same time
  9. just random stuff. You want war, you need food for your crews and fleet? I can provide some for you with cheap price And I think people get too serious with the current situation. Relax
  10. do you want to buy some rice for your men? I can provide rice with cheap price for my fellow countrymen
  11. I think devs said that even when the game is stables? They dont want to reset the map because we players need to step up and change. And i dont want map reset every freaking month.
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