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  1. Finland så som det är idag menade jag ju.
  2. Finns inget Finland varken i spelet eller under denna tidsperiod.
  3. Kevlarkent


    Okey, now it worked, maybe i was aiming straight, but it didn't do anything since I dont have any front cannons.
  4. Kevlarkent


    Had it unplugged, uninstalled, didn't help.
  5. Kevlarkent


    I have a xbox360 controller so I'll try uninstalling that one.
  6. Kevlarkent


    It says fire 1, fire 2, fire 3 and jump which is what mousebutton 1, 2, middle and space is bound to, so I'm guessing that thats the functions that aims and fires and so on. There's 2 set-ups of those though which is wierd? I tried to rebind both first and secondary set-ups of keybinds for both of them to mousebuttons 1-4 but that didn't help.
  7. Kevlarkent


    As I said, it doesn't work for me.
  8. Kevlarkent


    Hello, I just got the game today and I can't make my ship enter "firing mode", mouse button 1-4 does nothing for me.
  9. Atleast not getting SotL to my starting zone corpse camping me.
  10. "I don't know, but I assume that the admin knows what he/she is talking about." I'm guessing that the trader might take a closer path to some islands where it's shallow since it wont be as deep as the big, SotL? (ship of the line). Which as I understand in the carribbean might be very big spaces. There might be a number of other reasons why the escort isn't right next to the trader but I don't know them since I know very little about this age.
  11. They could have a "local" cannel that allows you to read everything any1 says in a somewhat close proximity to you, that way you could hail enemy ships.
  12. I think you made a mistake here? A trade run that takes 24-30h in real life takes 2-3 day in game? Whereever they wan't since they will just get teleported to the instance when they're needed.
  13. Chase itself could last for several days Reinforcement could be 1 day of sailing away and you would never see it but if chase started it could arrive in time No, since the escort will be teleported to the instance no matter where in the world it is.
  14. If they don't outright say it, and even then I'll be sceptic untill I see it in practice, I will believe that they won't do anything about it because it would lose them potential money.
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