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  1. RvR. It's repetitive, and unfun. Regular PvP is great, and I love the rush from it, but the rvr port flipping aspect just seems like a necessary evil at the moment. The BR limits on ports doesn't make sense without a dynamic BR system accounting for upgrades/woods. I'd rather see the current system go away, if more work can't be put into making it more intuitive.
  2. Very nice, can't wait to fill it full of holes!
  3. Yes, it seems like anything that could mount a 9lb long gun could support a 32lb carro.
  4. There is quite a bit of historical material to back up how carronades are implemented in game. I'm not saying it's the best gameplay choice (or is not), but there is a basis for how they are. "British Frigate vs French Frigate: 1793–1814" "An Elementary Course of Instruction on Ordnance and Gunnery" Primary source! "Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812" If these prove anything, it's that the supposed inaccuracy of carronades was from contemporary gunners not knowing how to aim them correctly, and those guns were actually more accurate an
  5. That says nothing about replenishment though, just the ratio between players and crew. That shows that the number of crew, at the base line, is static.
  6. I like it, it's a great start. Choosing how policy gets decided and voted on is easily one of the tougher questions to answer. The only way to find out how it works is to try I think not being forced to do what your nation is doing is pretty important, and provides some relief from the voting system. That's the only area I think is going to need a bit more immediate fleshing out. Suggest that people play with their nation, but don't force it. It's already started there a bit with war rewards, and I think piracy and privateering are very key to making the system fun (later di
  7. It's about reinforcements joining in after the initial tag. The start of the battle is the same.
  8. Exactly! Especially coupled with the changes in spawn position, being in formation on the OS is much more important.
  9. Not exactly what was said.... So if mortar brigs go more toward the fort-bombardment side, what should their BR be considered for port battles? They'd be fairly ineffective against ships sure, but wouldn't they be more important in taking a port?
  10. Perfectly said! Don't forget crew mechanics either. Hiring, paying, provisioning, or training crew, depending on how deep the system goes, will definitely influence ship choice.
  11. A little would go a long way there. People seem to get hung up on things and talk in circles about them (pirates, first rates), instead of looking forward. It's hard to balance a game when not all of the mechanics are in yet.
  12. An Essay on Naval Tactics: Systematical and Historical, with Explanatory Plates, in Four Parts, John Clerk, 1824 Part 1 was published in 1790, but was privately distributed in small numbers starting in 1782. Parts 2-4 were published in 1797. This version, published in 1824, has footnotes added by the author, editor, a Royal Navy admiral, and an Officer. Lots of detail on tactics, and great outlining of what when wrong in some engagements. Some insight into fleet compositions, level of ship upkeep, and ship characteristics. It gives a good account of how it took fleets multiple
  13. Having certain ships restricted would be good, but having all of them limited would make playing smaller, less historically powerful nations tedious.
  14. Server playing catch up from the large battle maybe?
  15. People get hung up and frustrated on mechanics that aren't yet finalized (or really even initiated). If anyone is feeling worn, or always bored, take a break! The stuff you're playing with now will be wiped anyway . Don't burn yourself out. It'll take away from your enjoyment when it's a fully featured release. I did that with a another naval-based game in the past. Went hard in closed beta and then open beta, and by the time actual release came it seemed tedious. I'd played each part of the game piece by piece in testing, never getting to enjoy the full experience all at once. It w
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