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  1. I'll try to follow those thips and see how it works. I have so much way to the Santisima... I don't even know if i'm going to even get to the Bellona for when the OW comes out, i'd really like to test every single ship.
  2. But if I use carronades I will have to approach more to the enemy, won't I? And I don't really know if the range for shooting chainshots is the same as for balls cause everytime I try shooting chains at enemy's sails I fail to hit. Do I have to raise the cannons more? And what about grape shots?
  3. Hello. I'm right now playing as a Navy Brig and after having a very hard time with the standard brig, I thought this one was going to be better but I was mistaken. This I am going to say it's true: I got more damage per battle with a Privateer than what I get with Brigs or Navy Brigs. My problem is not the firepower or the manueverability right now. My big problem that for this ship is that it pretty much is like a piece of paper. I can't stand seeing how in a single shot it's entire nose armor gets almst fully destroyed and almost the same for port or starboard, and rear. Two shots and it's done even when being shot by not that big ships, but if it gets shot by a constitution its done almost in the first set of shots. So, I cannot even approach ships without gettign destroyed before I can do a decent ammount of damage, and somehow in pve ships will manage to hit you without ranging shots in the first try. So yes, i'm despeprate with this ship, cause I thought It was going to be better and more resistant but no it is not and I have a long way to the snow.
  4. Those GIFs are good and to the point. Very helpful. Tacking looks logical for me except when the wind comes from your nose or your butt which I see harder to vsualize it, even with the gif it makes less sense than in other cases but still the gif gives you a better idea of whats going on. Isn't it a good idea to keep rotating sails gradually as your ship rotate so that one of the sails is neutralized and the other keeps getting the best results when pushing the ship to one side?
  5. Very helpfull, thanks Nicholls, I'm pretty sure I was in a few games with you :-)
  6. Can anyone give me any tips about tacking? I dont have problems when the wind is comming from southwest, southeast, but things get tougher when wind is coming from northeas and nortwest (using a compass diagram, imagine the ship is facing north). It is even harder for me when wind is comming straing from south or north completely. How do you tack (using a brig right now) when you are sailing directly upwind or downwind? I find it even harder when it comes from the north since sails no matter how I possition them they seem to block wind and they push my ship back. However I tried making my shi tack backwards neutralizing the aft sails but I can't get it well done. Thank you in advance.
  7. I already payed this game. I don't want subscription fee and I dont want pay to win elements. I don't want the game to be free to play either cause free to play games are a cancer. I prefer it it had little optional purchasable things in game after buying the game. I prefer it to be a "buy to play" game. and release objects and such that don't give unfair advantages to anyone and then release some dlc. I think there are probably more free to play games that have failed than buy to play games for the simple fact that free to play games are more likely to make a mistake somewhere in time with ingame elements that players could conplain about. With a buy to play game, if people like it, they are going to buy it and then pay for dlc ore extra ingame content if they want to. I honestly don't want the game to be like POTBS.
  8. I don't understand why people prefers to encourage closer combat. I think it's good as it is. Doing damage from closer distance is easy enough to make you get closer when you see it's necessary right now, and combat from longer range is not that easy to change it. I personally think changing it for more closer combat would probably finish with cautious attacks for going more for brute force short range attacks finishing with an aboarding. People seem to like more the brute force and things like in films where ships are close each other and fire all cannons and do a lot of damage, but I think it is cooler and funnier to damage fromt he distance and that is where the better player should get the advantage, not the one that has the better firepower and better hull. Cause hitting from short distance is not hard. Maybe I missunderstood the question.
  9. Haha, I guess being a pirate and putting a false flag to confuse the enemy is a valid tactic
  10. Hello captains. These may have been suggested before but I have some things to suggest. They could be in the TODO list. -Dynamic weather: Weather could change duringa battle and if open world is like I think, for it as well. Going from a sunny day, to cloudy and then ro rain and even thunderstorm. -Fire and rain: As I read in another post, fire is likely to be implemented. If so, fire should not develope that easier or nothing when reaining, and current fire should go off. -Wind: I don't really know how it worked in real life but shouldn't the wind change dinamycally depending on the area or time? It would add more dynamism to every situation I think. -Thunder: Thunder could land on one of your masts and start a fire on your ship even though if there is rain it would possibly go off then. Then though I like the interface, with big ships sometimes I don't manage to see the name over the ship cause it stays off the screen. I'm pretty new to this game but maybe there is a way. Also I find difficult to see enemy names in stormy scenarios when sky is dark too. It gets difficult at least for me to tell what player I am aiming both in normal and blind color mode, friendly ships are more distinguishable though. Maybe a solution would be putting the player name inside a colored box and maybe let us change that box color, that would deal with scenario problems and with people that is color blind in some way. That's it for now. I hope everything was clearly and well explained. English is not my native language and sometimes I may struggle trying to explain some things. I also hope I was constructive enough. Intention always is to give devs ideas of what and how to do things when giving suggestions so things get better and better in every way for everyone ;-).
  11. That resolves my problem. Thanks.
  12. Thsnk you all for your replies :-D. I'm really having a great time playing this game.
  13. Can anybody explain me how this works exactly and how to read this information? I'm really confused about it. I know that when I use the survival mode this numbers go to 0 and I pretty much can survive almost with my ship having no armor at all almost sinking but not going down. I guess its holes in the ship that make water go into the ship and make it sink. But could anybody explain me why are there 4 numbers, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom?
  14. Finally, after playing the game a little bit, 2 or 3 little combats using the yatch and the lynx, I have to say the game is lots of fun. It looks very nicely done graphically, sounds are amazing which I consider of big importance in games as well as music (this one missing for now) and gameplay is very good IMO. If the gameplay change it should only be for a little bit of more realism but not viceversa. Yes, I miss an epic music in the background, not very loud but just for the mood of the battle. But considering this is in alpha (or beta, i don't know), the game quite good! I have to say this: I suck at the moment. You might say I have only played 2 or 3 games which is very few games to be good at it, but hell, I almost didn't get a hot on any ship from a decent distance! Ii must suck at aiming or something. But traying to figure out the distance and range when aiming was probably my favourite part since it gives a lot of skill based gameplay and a goal to it and it is just not simply a matter or click a button which is something I dislike from most games nowadays (MMOs mostly). So, yes. Gameplay should be changed only for better not wrose. More realism if so and skill based gameplay, but honestly I wouldn't mind at all if the gameplay remained as it is for the whole existence of the game ;-). Keep on the good work devs! ;-)
  15. I personally think there should be an option or a game mode for people who only want to pvp. I am going to play in OW too, but I'd like to be able to have a separate game mode where I can pick up my ship and level up to get more ships for pvp mode and keep getting or losing rank. OW might be too empty at some points and finding battles might be difficult, and combat is what called my attention the most when I watched some videos.
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