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    Played board war games, early (pretty dreadful) computer games to present day World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armored Warfare, World of Warships, etc. Yet to play my favorite historical era of war gaming on the seas (Napoleonic Era). Enjoy history, military history, sciences, old forms of craftsmanship ( pottery, basket-making, forging, etc. )
  1. Although " soon" typically means something radically different to developers than it does to gamers, I am THRILLED read these words.
  2. I would like to say maintaining a civil environment is 100% achievable, however, that is absolutely not possible. Still, I believe that should be our goal. All players can do their part by setting a good example while in the game and on the forum. The poor behaving players or posters will always be a very small minority an dthere is no reason the vast majority of players or the game itself should suffer for their behavior. There will always be trolls who get their giggles from aggravating people but some of the problem lies in our reaction to such goading. We cannot control what other pe
  3. Hello, I'm brand new here. I wanted to point out I received a validation e-mail twice. The first time I validated and all went well. The second e-mail came within 10 minutes. When I tried to validate that link I was met with the appropriate message. So that is working even if e-mail notices are double sending. It is, of course, my hope to be able to assist with testing. For now I will be going through the posts in the Forum to acquaint myself with the game, rules, processes and feedbacks offered. This has all the makings of a great game ! RhodeIslandRed
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