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  1. I am from Scotland mate and i will deak ye!!!!!!
  2. All of the picks are very good keep them coming
  3. It would be good to see her in a good working order again
  4. I am from UK and i will crush you all. !!!!!
  5. In brtian we have HMS Victory whcih is beening repired and we are slowy but shouerly getting it done and plus it is still in active servise as Flagship of the First Sea Lord. But after the battle of Battle of Trafalgar (1805) she was badly damaged in the battle and was not able to move under her own sail. On 7 November 1812, when she was moored in Portsmouth Harbour and used as a depot ship. This was not untill the 1889's, when Victory was fitted up as a Naval School of Telegraphy. Then In 1903, HMS Neptune was being towed to the breakers yard when she broke free and ploughed into Victory,
  6. Yes but she was renamed the HMS surprise by the RN for the film.
  7. HMS Surprise has had a long life and i would be happy to see her return to a state in which that you could sail on bord her again and see what life was back then to life on a ship of the sail. Also i loved watching the film that she was in ( Master and Commander far side of the world ).
  8. this is good to know thanks a lot
  9. Could there also be Fourth rates in the game at some time please?????
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