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  1. Primus

    Foreign clan alliances

    I love this idea!
  2. Primus

    Chronicles of Elyria

    A fellow dutchy is always welcome As for travelling, yeah in CoE sailing to get somewhere is gonna be a question of sometimes days rather than hours
  3. Primus

    Chronicles of Elyria

    I actually help run one of the kingdoms for CoE and we have an active group that does play some Naval Action. If you are interested please do check out my site. (I am looking at being a county witht he focus of ship building :)) http://saffira.duchyofsingraven.net/ Any questions be sure to just join my discord and you can drop me a line on there https://discord.gg/P7vJewK
  4. I have actually returned to the game a few weeks ago along with others who either are new to the game or haven't played in a while. I think the changes the dev have made ove the past year are pretty good. My only criticism is the lack of a tutorial for new players, and the early grind for new players can be difficult because of this. Besides that this is a game to play with friends for the most part. So Op did your friends abandon you or something? I mean i cant blame them if you have this attitude
  5. Primus

    Sealed Bottles as of 3-08-16

    The bottle drop rates are still too high. I mean if you get one once a week or so, ity would make them nice and rare. That way there isn't an overabundance of yellow mods all over the place. If you do keep the current drop rates, then make the sail, not be so ridiculously long. If you want to nerf something nerf the ammount of goodies. (ie. no more yellow mod drop every time, make it a chance drop. ie more blue or purple drops and have a rare occassion a yellow drop.) Besides that, labour contracts should be taken out, (and make it something like when you cap a ship and reduce the hours you receive), as well as many of the other insane bonuses like gold and silver coins. While the general idea of getting something nice is good, I think this is a typical dev strategy of tweaking through extremes. Why is it never a small adjustment? Its never a tweak, its always going from one extreem to the next. The major problem you face with the changes you make is that gold is soo easy to make in the game, and that the gold sinks are ill conceived/ placed. While crew replacement is high, its an extreem once again. There should be a middle ground found with balancing how much money people make and how hard it is to make it. If tweaked properly you can get a nice and balanced system going. However right now econ is a joke and until you get that right, open world will only consist of No Action. Too many people these days are talking about the good old days in sea trials. The game should be fun and not sail there for 3 hours and you get a prize. There is no challenge, its an afk time sink, that nobody is wanting in a sense. We want a challenge, and rewarded for that challenge no busy tactics.
  6. Primus

    The Decatur Armada

    wow that looks amazing griz, but isn't that the good ship Venus?
  7. i think this is just a question of balancing. Since for everything else you get xp per hour used, for crafting notes this is 1xp per 200 hours, which is just ridiculous for those trying to level up as well. Its just a huge drain on crafting hours, which is good, but there is no XP reward associated with the huge cost attributed to it.
  8. Primus

    Misson profit

    I was just to write a post similar to this when i saw your post. I understand the idea about increasing the xp on missions, however the rewards are now ridiculous. The idea about an econ is to tweak things. There is a certain amount of fun with the challenge of grinding money and xp. However with econ you need to moderate the changes, and not make sweeping changes like this to the econ. All the econ needed waas a few tweaks to be manageable and fun. the changes now have basically destroyed any aspect of the market system you were trying to create. all this patch does allow inflation to spiral and destroy the markets further. When you tweak things like repair kits, you then nerf the cost, making them cost more, as was done with iron. My advice to the devs is to tweak not make significant adjustments as they made now.
  9. Even an aspect of just allowing players to upgrade ports to increase production can help as well, as it will require players to go out and trade with other nations via neutral free towns. That is what trade is. As stated above the aspect of pressing two buttons and going offline is not playing the game. Another possibility for the buy contracts is to increase the price on those orders so that direct buying makes it unprofitable to buy it all up and setting it up on the market again. However I fear this case would only increase the prices of resources even further. As for the 50/50, im honestly not a fan because there only needs to be a few contracts out there and all the supplies would be gone again.
  10. One of the major problems and frustrations with the market shortages is the people buying up resources via contracts. The problem is that people setup buy orders buying up all the daily produced resources at an undisclosed amounts. This allows people to setup orders leave the ports and come back at a later time to pick up what they bought and setup sell offers at insane ammounts from what they bought it for. This is creating shortages of major resources. It does not make sense to have the buy contracts if it is going to be abused in this way. Also, this allows for enemy nations to transfer money to alt characters that buy up all the resources as well (ie, a Pirate player has a USA alt account, trades money with that account and sets up buy contracts for all major resources (ie coal, fir and iron), sails it to a neutral port aand sails away with the resources to the pirate faction). This defeats the port capturing system. Im not saying this example is actually happening, but you can see the possibility of this being exploited. Also the buy contracts removes any need for traders to have outposts at the ports they have contracts in. This of course circumvents the need for pricey outposts. Therefore I propose either one or two of the following scenarios: - the removal of buy contracts all together - limiting a player to a certain amount of buy contracts (ie 2) as well as sell contracts (ie 5) - Limit the buy contracts to only manufactured goods that are needed for crafting ships (ie. fir frame parts, crafting notes, Tar) If something is not done about this problem, the manufacturing of ships and upgrades will become impossible at higher levels. With the removal or limitations on buy contracts a large factor with regards to supply shortages will start becoming a thing of the past, as it makes it more difficult for people to exploit the current economy system.
  11. Primus

    Spelling Errors

    I have seen a few errors here and there, but have not seen a proper thread to post it in. So here it goes. Spelling error in the Improved Magazine Access under crafting, It says ron Fittings as opposed to Iron Fittings Musket and Pistols: ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots Reinforces Masts --> Reinforced Masts, Same heading ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Speed Trim; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Steel Toolbox; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Barricades; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Boarding Axes ; ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots Copper Plating; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Extra Planking; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Extra Pump; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings Grenades Supplements; ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots Only ones I can remember at the moment but there will probably more to come
  12. I have also noticed that certain improvements like extra pump for level 1 require crafting notes as well. Maybe instead of adding a new tear of crafting notes, it might be easier to adjust the amount of resources needed to produce a crafting note by half or even 66%, and increase the amount of crafting notes needed on the higher tear of ships. Also it might be an idea then to also adjust the crafting hours needed to produce a crafting note. The current level of 250 hours + component hours makes it a whopping 310 hours per note.
  13. Primus

    Saint Nicolas Ship Sail Sales!

    If only I had the money... you now that whale penis leather is hard to come by
  14. Primus

    Saint Nicolas Ship Sail Sales!

    1.5 mil lynx, its the only ship to cruise in i take it
  15. Primus

    Crew Recruitment Idea

    Currently in NA, there is little risk and much reward for your actions in game. New crew dynamics with officer integration, would add depth, personality and perspective to your ship as well as add an element of strategy to open world. With the recent change in battles that there are no repairs during the fight, it adds a risk factor that people are finding rewarding. However the ship durability aspect makes it in some cases a minor a trade-off. With crews however this is not the case. There is no advantage of one crew over another except for possibly morale and battle preparation. After a battle, if you fully repair your ship, your crew is at full strength (despite the fact that you are in the middle of the sea). What I’m getting at is the fact that the game can do with some realism mechanics that should affect game play, and not be implemented for realism sake. My idea is to introduce crew recruitment. - Recruiting at national home ports, will give you better crew members as well as more crew. Neutral ports would be a percentage of that. - Training your crews allows them to function better, gives them more discipline, allows them to make better decisions and follow orders better. Such as fire discipline, better accuracy at range and faster reload without mods for example. - Capturing ships and sending them top home ports will require you to sacrifice an officer and some crew so that it can sail safely to a home port. - Excess crew can be stationed at a home port for when you need them With this system you can expand on it as well. - Have specialty positions, like a ship surgeon or a ships doctor, which will decrease the death rate of your crew after a battle. - Have officers who specialize in certain areas, such as moral, boarding prep, repairs - Have a cook, which would help morale By implementing this system you would give the game a whole new dynamic as well as an extra realism aspect. It would make capturing ships be based on strategy. - do i want to board a ship and risk my crews lives for a prize - will i have enough crew to escape if i need too? - Is my crew fit enough for a battle? - Do i capture the enemy crew and have them become part of my crew, or do i send the off to sea (effects discipline and moral)