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  1. It does seem that wind would play an important role in the way sailing ships function, and I would welcome anything that makes that system more complex. Sure it would make the game harder for me, but it would also be a sensible addition to a game where ships rely on wind to do their shippy stuff.
  2. I'm having fun with the Navy Brig. Sure it can't hold as much cannons as the Snow, but it really can take a beating.
  3. This seems to be the biggest thing. Ships are valuable, especially the larger ones. If the player is going against a better ship or a ship that they know has a good chance in sinking them, they probably don't want to risk it. And if they initiate combat against a smaller ship that they have the edge on, that smaller ship is going to want to run away.
  4. It's not like small battles can't be rewarding either. I still make good gold and XP though them, just remember it is damage based. With all the ships in the battle, you can dish out a lot of damage even if your armor is depleted.
  5. Account or character? Because I kind of removed the character I redeemed the Yacht on (I know, not the smartest move) I made a new character and played a bit, but the Yacht's on a cooldown and the PVP server is still locked. I have a feeling that I might have really screwed things up... Edit- Just read a new thread from Addy. The date got extended, so I think I'll be fine.
  6. So what happens if I redeemed the Yacht on PVE? Does that mean I can't use it in PVP?
  7. If I were to pick a name, it would easily be "Laughing Jackass" That is what a kookaburra is called, and one of the reason why I love the bird.
  8. I haven't done any of these, so looks like I just arrive at Plymouth at the time given, and I'm good?
  9. The wait really can be annoying. I had to wait for a bit as well. Meanwhile, you might want to play some other game or do something else to pass the time. We'll be getting a new patch, and you guys will be just in time for it. As for anyone who didn't have a chance to purchase the game, you can always email the devs, explaining why you want to be in the test. It worked for me.
  10. While they would be horrible in combat, they would be fine as trader ships.
  11. I like the Lynx. It may be bad at fighting, but its speed can be used to avoid fights in the first place.
  12. Noticed the issue a lot with the Cutter, sometimes it seems like I'm floating way over the waves, it looks rather odd.
  13. I'm sure you'll have a great time here. I left WoWS a while back and came here as well, and haven't looked back.
  14. We've kind of discussed that game in another thread, but it seems the we and the devs of that other game currently have a bit of a conflict going on.
  15. Capturing ships like that is hard, I found making cash was a lot easier when I would sail around, buy as much ironwood I could from a cheap place and then sell it back where it's more expensive.
  16. I understand, but maybe a setting that will allow more musketeers for people with better computers? What they did in WoWS was an option to animate small objects in the settings, which makes plane squadrons show every plane and AA guns a lot more intense and animated.
  17. I'm fine with that, but I want to be able to sail a pretty boat without paying as well. There should be plenty of customization options and paints and what-not, IMO. Sure, make them expensive if you want, but something a normal player can work up to.
  18. I emailed the devs after it was closed and they let me in March of this year, but it still had the Yacht on the purchase page. I think the Yacht is just for people who got the game in Alpha. At least that's what the purchase page says.
  19. I find playing against bots to be just fine, but again, I'm just a noob in a Lynx/cutter going against traders and pirates in the same vessels. In terms of economy, I usually buy a bunch of crap at the lower priced ports and sell them back at a more expensive place. Good to make some extra money.
  20. I'm leaning toward 1 character. Pick a side and stick to it. When I see fellow sailors of my nation I assume they are loyal to that nation, not just some people derping around on an alt account. What I love about this game is the immersion. A real captain would have to pick a side, he couldn't just pirate around in an alt count. If he wanted to do that, he had to throw away his career and face the consequences. Maybe they could add a system where nation could be switched, some stuff could be kept like money but you would lose a lot- most of what you have. It's a lot better than making a new account. Nation switching is something that a player should only do once or twice, if at all, really.
  21. I'm also playing on Windows 10, I haven't ran into any performance issues.
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