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  1. Applied! I have a feeling that it will be Sneaky Simulator
  2. The Greek War of Independence? Lots of fights with fireships and shore landings
  3. Alleviate the differences between the meta woods like teak and white oak compared to the "poor man's woods". Make DLC ships craftable. Two probelms solved.
  4. But doesn't that remove a part of the gameplay -raiding? Me and many other clan members prefer that kind of gameplay, probably other people too. Personally I don't want to fight just for the sake of the fight. Raiding was a huge part of the era
  5. DLCs were implemented the wrong way. It should have been like: "We have the HMS Trincomalee in-game, a very nice looking frigate but we also have the HMS Unicorn which is the same class but has some cool extra features. A different stern and some other minor details that makes it look cooler". Even the Wapen could have been a DLC ship since its age and performance cant affect the current line up of ships and it looks great in my opinion. This would have been the frendliest way to ask people to give more money and not upset the balance of the game. Now, i understand why the DLC ships we have today have been introduced, their uniqueness makes them more profitable but we had to address their performance multiple times ruining the reputation of those DLC ships and labelling them as P2W. Plus, spawning ships out of thin air is just wrong. Everything has to be craftable.
  6. Some (not so great) pictures that i took in the Hellenic Maritime Museum
  7. 😮 Taxes! A Greek's worst nightmare! Joke aside, as unpopular as it might be in real life and will be in-game, I think it is a good proposal and I would go as far as tying it to something nation-related. I haven't figured out what as of yet though. Yes to more real life economics!
  8. Some new pictures of the model from my visit at the Hellenic Maritime Museum. They aren't of great quality because of the poor lighting and my camera but it's something
  9. That's were the crew makes it's last stand when boarded.
  10. It's a meme, a MEME! No need to analyze everything. Especially here
  11. I have RvRered quite a bit actually. But i can see that you are out of arguments
  12. Average playerbase =/= casual player but thats just semantics and I wont bother with that. It doesn't. You can RvR in shallows and in other ships other than SoL that are easier to access by a player that doesn't invest a third of his day.
  13. I don't see how it is a problem that the super weapons of the game are harder to make. Plus the goal of the casual player probably wouldn't and shouldn't be the endgame RvR.
  14. @admin Is the mast HP the 15% of the BASE side HP or 15% of the side HP after side HP mods are added?
  15. Let us lock/unlock gun decks. I had 2/3 gundecks locked before boarding and that prevented me from firing them throughout the whole boarding action. Or in some cases one of the decks is going to miss so I would like to lock it. Also it's kinda annoying that the AI stills knows which command you are doing
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