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  1. Btw @admin, you shouldn't add nations based entirely on sales specifically from those countries. A lot of Brits don't want to play in GB and a lot of Germans don't want to play for Prussia etc.. More nations are always welcome for me
  2. Personally i would love to have an extremely big variety of nations, even if they aren't big RvR players in the map. If they can capture at least one port and hold it, that's great but even if they can't, they can exist as privateer or merchant nations working out of free ports. Those small nations should or could be formed by 1-2 or 3 clans at max. A hard limit of 3 clans per small nation. We will need some benchmarks though, that the clans will need to reach after an X amount of time to make sure that they are not holding that clan/nation spot even if they go inactive. Also new players shouldn't be allowed to create a new character or stay in that impossible nation if they havent proved that they can survive in the impossible environment by, for example, completing the tutorial. Big nations like USA/France/Spain/Britain/Dutch etc shouldn't have a hard cap on clans to represent their role in the area and to be new player friendly. Lastly, i know that Asia is or will become a big chunk of the market after the localisation but an east asia coalition faction will really feel out of place for me.
  3. Found her sisterships armament. Altough they say its a 44 gunner, the total amount is still 62 🤔 The source is "The Sailing Navy, 1775-1854" by Paul H. Silverstone. Also, from "Register of Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1775-1990: Major Combatants" by Karl Jack Bauer, Stephen S. Roberts "American Heavy Frigates 1794-1826" by Mark Lardas:
  4. The most viable option would be a 44-gun set up with full 16pdrs( probably 18pdr ingame). The 62 gun set up would be great but it might be too much unless its still full 18pdrs but that still may be an overkill. She has 2 bow chasers and 4 stern chasers as can be seen in the pictures below
  5. Here we say that hope dies last, so I won't stop hoping Also, it seems that her armament wasnt really heavy during he Greek service( 16pdrs) so maybe it wont be a beast of a ship if its ever implemented into the game. Plus her sistership the Hudson was only armed with 44 guns but I haven't found out of what caliber yet. I think that it would make a wonderful premium ship I haven't managed to visit the museum yet, but it will most likely happen next month. So expect more photos.
  6. I'm pretty sure that a frigate is not a small ship and I definitely know that Vernon did not mean frigates as small ships so yeah.
  7. Well Alaska is the most northern and most western at the same time. Florida is the most southern and lastly Maine?
  8. Strictly states or territories as well?
  9. Just because people don't want other people joining their battles from the other side of the world or even from a port nearby, the timer is set to 2 minutes( after a lot of tests to find the optimal amount of time).The tagger invested time and effort to make a good tag. Why should his battle be ruined by a bunch of dudes teleporting between ports waiting for these kind of situations? If you really cared about saving your friend in need the you should have sailed with him. Simple as that.
  10. Everything is sped up for the sake of gameplay and you know it. Maneuvers couldn't be done in a matter of seconds like in-game, same with cannon reloading etc. Also no ship fights were done at full speed and sails but thats another topic.
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