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  1. Sella22

    DlC stacking

    I did it for science
  2. Sella22

    DlC stacking

    I'm pretty sure that you cant buy twice any DLC for any game at Steam so no.
  3. Sella22

    Clan Flag DLC

    I don't think that it will take more than 10 minutes for a mod or someone else to check if an image doesn't look offensive. I think it's a great idea
  4. Flags of German states/ports.
  5. Sella22

    Patch 28: Flags

    Storms battles existed when the game wasnt even on steam. I don't think its possible to be done now that we have the OW because the calculation for waves has to be changed for the whole server. Or something along those lines is what admin has stated in the past. But @admin I will provide you with a suggestion about storm battles. What if battles that start in a part of the OW where its raining, spawn storm instances. Is that possible?
  6. Oops! *starts singing La Marseillaise*
  7. The Unites States of the Ioanian Islands maybe?
  8. Ωωωωω ένας Ελληνας το όνομα μου στο game είναι Hades 😁  επικοινώνησε μαζί μου .Για να οργανωθούμε σαν κοινώτητα💪

  9. Then Portuguese flags for Great Britain maybe. It would make Heth very happy
  10. Very nice! I could do the translation in Greek if you guys want.
  11. There were four series of the same class. Possibly there was a stern rework in one of the later series? I can't really tell you since i don't own the books. You will have to ask @Fluffy Fishy about that. I honestly don't know. My knowledge is very limited on these kinds of matters i won't deny it. I just work with what i have and can understand I only tried to help in the French thread The First Series:Leon Trionfante, 70 guns (1716)San Giacomo, 70 guns (1761)Buon Consiglio, 70 guns (1761)Fedelta, 70 guns (1770)Forza, 70 guns (1774)The Second Series:Corriera Veneta, 70 guns (1770)Diligenza, 70 guns (1774)Fenice 2, 70 guns (1779)Galatea, 70 guns (1779)Third Series:Vittoria 2, 70 guns (1785)La Guerriera, 70 guns (1785)Medea, 66 guns (1793)Unnamed, 66 guns (1800) was transformed into a floating gunned pontoon by the AustriansFourth Series:L'Eolo 1785San Giorgio 1785Unnamed, 66 guns (1800) was transformed into a gunned pontoon by the Austrians
  12. Sella22

    La taverne du corsaire

    Pardon the intrusion but i just had to reply According to threedecks the Eolo and Medea were part of the Leon Trionfante class with 70 guns. Full thread here: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/17210-leon-trionfante-venetian-3rd-rate-1716-with-plans/?tab=comments#comment-330466 I am not sure if the ship that is pictured is Venetian. The stern i particular doesn't look like any of the sterns on Venetian designs that i have encountered so far. The only Venetian 64s captured by the French that i am aware of were of the Fama class. The Fama/Renommee and the Gloria Veneta/Banel stayed as 64 gunners(according to threedecks) and the Beyrand and Stengel as 74s. Altough i am certainly not a specialist so it's my humble opinion.
  13. JOSEPH-ANGE ANTOINE ROUX (FRENCH, 1765-1835), Study of the 44-gun frigate ~Muiron~
  14. Definetely interested and hoping for a Greek ship Fingers crossed
  15. Who would have thought that you have to sail in an age of sail game! The fee is there to make you "fear" of losing your precious doubloons. Some cheapskates wont even spend those 10 doubloons even when you can earn 1500 from an AI LGV. Long story short, it generates more traffic=more people out on the sea= more fights= fun.