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  1. Yeah, this question has plagued me as well. I for one don't see any possible way to promote surrendering over fighting to the death, and I think that's pretty much how it will have to stay. There's a point where gameplay and fun should take a front seat, and this has to be one of those issues. People want to see "Naval Action!" With the wood splinters, explosions, shouting and of course, sinking, and not peppering the enemy ship with cannonfire for a bit and then seeing her surrender after 3 minutes.
  2. I like the suggestions of a less organized sort of "Hit and Run" battle, more akin to screening fights, although I think a good way to implement it would be through the old flag system. The old flag system had criticisms mostly from the fact that they were too consequential for their quick and unexpected nature, where some players might not be on one day and unfairly lose an important port. If you implemented it in raiding, they wouldn't be port losses, just resource fights. It'd be a great way to add some spice to the down time between port battles. No need to complicate things by involving tax or resource thresholds or whatever, just buy a flag and have a grand ol' time fighting your enemies.
  3. Wonderful stuff guys. I hope the devs realize that those people who complain about every little detail and wail about the devs being "Idiots" or useless" are just a very vocal minority. Don't get put down guys! The majority of the community is with you. With tuning, Naval Action could be on the road to a great release.
  4. Even though I've been away from the game awaiting updates, I still am in love with the whole idea of Naval Action. I love this game, and I think it would have to be all due to just fleet fight fun. There's of course the Battle of Santiago (I'm sure the Brits and Spaniards will remember it!) which was a battle that went so well for us we glistened it "Trafalgar 2.0" and put it down in the history books. I think the most magical moment I had in naval action was just that entire campaign, which the Brits I think still refer to as "The Santiago Campaign." Every day I hopped on and there was always action around Santiago, Cuba. We had so many battles and so much fun I just don't think I'd still be here if it weren't for that. Despite occasional saltiness from both sides, I think (hope) both sides came out respecting each other and excited for the next battle. All I must says is thanks to the Spanish, French and occasional Danish forces that we fought at the Santiago Campaign.
  5. I don't see how this is a response to what I said...? I don't mean to sound rude I'm just a bit confused. Edit: I suppose you mean what I said about congratulating the central powers on their 'coordination.' I meant the "Central Powers" coordinated well during the battles. Although I wasn't on, landing 7 port battles at once and getting 5 25 man fleets together is a feat of logistical organization most people would only dream of. Hats off to you lot on that! I didn't mean to undermine that aspect of "Black Wednesday." o7
  6. As far as I've seen reading this thread, hope is what truly shines here. The amount of good sportsmanship I've seen from both sides with all the "gg" and "thanks for the content!" comments is great to see. In fact, just 1 day after the loss of 5 consecutive port battles, some members of the "Quadruple alliance" were willing to just chill in the British National TS and talk freely with their enemies. In months past, if an event like "Black Wednesday" happened to either alliance, we would see sodium-chloride levels on the forums surpass that of the Dead Sea. I suppose the point I want to make here is that I'd like to congratulate both sides for the great sportsmanship shown, and the "Central Powers" of The Dutch Republic, Britain, and the United States for the excellent show of coordination in these battles. (Although I have to give props to the Spanish for tactically winning their battle )
  7. Of course it can. In fact I've been in smaller ship/large fleet VS larger ship/small fleet battles before and we (the smaller ships) have won. Use your numerical superiority to your advantage. It's all about maximizing the efficiency of focus fire and using maneuverability to your advantage. A good way to look at this is being upwind of your enemy. That way YOU dictate the battle because the larger ships cannot turn right into you. Once this upwind advantage has been achieved, you can work on focus fire. You can do this by enveloping and isolating single groups of 2-3 ships at a time. Your numbers work for you here. You can replace damaged ships with fresh ships at the front, while they cannot. Some specific ship tactics could be to use double charge against significantly heavier ships, as it will penetrate heavier hulls. This was more of advice than direct orders. Every combat situation differs and different tactics may need to be implemented to compensate.
  8. If you have ever played Naval Action, you have no doubt heard of them. My great commendations to you folks. An excellent PVP clan and fun to sail alongside!
  9. I don't like contributing to forum bickering, however this is maybe the single most inaccurate summation of the events you could possibly think up. The British Fleet set out to attack the port of Georgetown.The French and Spanish had defended these islands in the past, so we expected nothing less today. As the Fleet approached, we sighted a Pirate fleet, primarily composed of Bellonas. Realizing they had the BR to tag us, we prepared for battle; we knew a first rate fleet could not outrun a 3rd/2nd rate fleet. The pirates obviously were screening, which was to be expected. Although we knew it would be useless, we attempted to plant the flag. Once battle commenced, the British fleet formed a group and turned into the pirates. The simple goal was to get at least one good fight out of today. As the British formation turned into the pirate fleet, we realized what the next hour and a half of our lives would be like. With the wind in the state it was, The faster and more agile pirate ships easily evaded the British fleet. The pirate fleet turned into full on rout early in the battle (I'm not angry about that, as that's what any sensible Captain would have done). As the British realized this, the order was given to turn around and sail with the wind away from the pirates (even though the Pirates were faster at all points of sail) with the plan being to try to reel them in using the wind. As the pirate fleet drifted away from the British, the kiting began. From a distance, the Pirate Fleet tagged the fleet with long range fire. With this in mind, the British fleet turned into the Bay of Georgetown, hoping the pirates would follow. This was a last ditch attempt at getting a fight, which proved to be fruitless. The British fleet formed up inside the Bay, ready to collapse in for a brawl. However, much to the dismay of the British Captains, the pirate fleet never entered, instead shot broadside after broadside from a significant distance. Neither side sustained much damage in this exchange, however a French Renomee was dis masted and surrendered, while a British first rate lost the top of her mainmast. Eventually the British Fleet retreated behind the island so as to stop tagging/getting tagged. I know this is a lot of words to read, but I really hope I summarized the battle as unbiased as possible so people wouldn't think the British or Pirates were cowards, as neither of those were displayed here.
  10. I was talking about the first rates. The BRITISH had 12 first rates after half the fleet TP'd to defend GT, which were blockaded by around 25 - 30 pirate first rates at Sant Iago... never did I mention the USA v Pirates battle. That screen VS the usa is an impressive show of superior tactics against your enemy. GJ in that battle. I also realize I responded to the wrong post, I meant to respond to the previous one about the brits not wanting to fight. That's my mistake, and I wish to offer my sincere apologies. Cheers!
  11. Vicious, we had 12 ships and you had at least 30. Those odds are impossible to overcome, especially as a lot of us are very rusty with first rate battles. However it was an impressive show of force from you lot there, regardless
  12. Although I do think we could have done more to help the Dutch nation during the final stages of this war, we simply do not have the proper amount RVR players active right now. After 7 months of constant fighting, The British Empire has been all but burnt out. Of course, this is subject to change soon with the upcoming patch as those players return. Britain has been sending full fleets to help the Dutch for about 3 weeks straight, and before then when British Captains helped the Dutch defend Pampatar. I wish good luck to the brave Dutch Nation in the final days before the patch. Cheers!
  13. A good bunch of players, I'll say that. In my time on PVP2 SOB we fought them, and I had great fun at every battle. Even though outnumbered, they fought bravely and most skillfully. I'd highly recommend them to any PVPer looking for a good fight. Cheers!
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