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  1. Pulbah

    Sideways bug

    I have now and it works. Thank you.
  2. Pulbah

    Sideways bug

    No, not yet. I will try as you suggest. Thank you.
  3. Pulbah

    Sideways bug

    Sorry about this, but since I have been able to go to sea there is a problem. My ship is displayed sideways and when I try to turn it so I can see the sea from the stern all that happens is that the ship just turns round in front of me. Sailing sideways on the big ocean has been not easy. I have reported it as a bug on F11, But is it something I am doing wrong. I used to be able to take part in sailing before the big world map was available.
  4. The Dambusters. It's half documentary and half drama. It's so good a remake is on the cards from the Lord of the Rings organisation.
  5. Very nice, could you do a disco version please?
  6. Yes I agree the zoom aspect is also all wrong. I withdraw my suggestion of zooming. However the view should be inverted to be correct. I think viewers will at first be confused and then learn just how difficult it was to use an 18thcentury telescope. They will get used to it.
  7. The reason that 18th century telescopes showed an inverted image was because of the fact that the the telescope only had an eye piece and a single objective lens, just like a modern astronomical telescope. To obtain an upright image required more lenses within the telescope and this did not occur until much later than the time that Naval Action is set. Maybe the inverted image option could have a much greater magnification than and upright one? Say 10 times magnification upright and 20 times magnification inverted?
  8. The actual 18th century telescopes I have had the chance to look through show the image inverted. In other words, upside down. I do like the view of drips of water on the lens in spyglass mode, however is it intended to eventually have the spyglass image inverted? Or is this going to far along the road of realism?
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