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  1. BoooooooOooOoOOoooYah!!

  2. Now now Mass, preach peace and tranquillity. 's ship appearing in my sight, there be treasure and loots to be had!
  3. Hey William the Drake, All the best with the Messengers of Death! Hopefully we will cross paths in the future, may the navies be worse off because of it! Hoist the colours and give no quarter! regards! FORBES
  4. Not that I know of, from what I've seen we only have met up through NA. Maybe the 1st of the court and 2nd have met before NA, One of them will have to enlighten us . Tom is currently on a well earned break before all hell breaks loose .
  5. Good luck and fortune with your alliance Grim DeGrim The real question is! Why aren’t there any French Restaurants in Davy Jones’ Locker? Dead men sell no snails! Best regards for the future
  6. Hey Dichmann, Just a heads up that you've posted in the wrong game section, this is for the Ultimate General: Gettysburg game which is a separate game from Naval Action. Here is some information about getting access to Naval Action: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4305-when-will-we-be-able-to-pre-order-naval-action-again/ If you require the email mentioned above you'll find it here: http://www.navalaction.com/contact-us/ Of course it doesn't mean you will get accepted and if you do state something in that email i.e (I'll actively participate in the test
  7. I'm all for the idea of tracking stats as I come from World of Tanks over to here and the whole endgame is related to statistics. HOWEVER, tracking stats and not allowing someone to reset or hide them can be a big problem when it comes to being judged against their peers. If the stats stuck to your name cannot be removed or hidden you will forever be judged based on those stats and some people damage them so much in the beginning before they learn or even know about them and realise their significance but decide to just mess around and have fun. The other issue is that if you can hide them
  8. The only thing I ever accomplished EvE was my own fleet of Fenrir freighters and the flagship was named Herby. Herby made me a proud pilot until I got ganked and all my fleet destroyed Alas, the shrine to Herby still stands proudly on my desktop:

    Black Sails

    Loving Black Sails, only seen S02E04 so far and by reading through this thread I didn't know that Black Sails is a prequel to Treasure Island. For sure I gotta read that book now Must catch-up quickly to see the season finale.
  10. Thanks Fancy Tom! Will head over to the Black Mongoose now Regards, FORBES
  11. Ahoy there! Absolutely love the idea behind this, don't know much about the game yet and unfortunately missed the period when one could purchase an account in the testing phase. Alas, I'll definitely sign my name to this and would love to join you people when the first chance arises! I'm assuming anyone interested just registers an interest by posting here ? If so! - Signed Best Regards FORBES
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