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  1. Im stuck even if it says the shallows are on my right or left side? then the indicator is a bit bugged.
  2. Issue: Only full sails work in OW sailing other will give you less than 1kn near Shallows(not in front of me)
  3. I restarted Steam to solve this problem. got another now: Steam: SteamAPI_Init() failed. what does this mean?
  4. the bad thing is: some people got invites, they played ST and later on... now they are in OW so you cant get a big battle(15-20ppl) there while waiting, because everyone is waiting for OW invites
  5. wow nice - you got a great battle there. But how? It seems to be a PvE game 12 online 4 battles, while everyone is waiting for his Tester promotion.
  6. I would like to see some Flags, which have diffrent emblems. Like the Pirates never had the same Flag. You knew all the time, this one is sailing with this flag. But it could be used for some.... you know. It should need some diffrent options, not 100% user generated.
  7. "You can turn your masts with Q/E(Front Mast) Z/C(Rear Masts (dont know the english keys - fixed it for the german keyboard) to turn faster." "You can turn your sails 90° to the wind to slow down." (Please fix keys for normal settings - It should be Z but I dont know - turned it into Y for my keyboard )
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