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  1. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Og_73Qn8jp8C&pg=PT38&lpg=PT38&dq=harbour+ship+napoleonic&source=bl&ots=tkK45MXHZ9&sig=NYB6pZbUcHh7XKF40ZO6NQdAL_c&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Ah4xVb_iPNCxsAT754GwDw&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=harbour%20ship%20napoleonic&f=false Some additional info with ship names and dates. ***Fixed Link***
  2. In light of the somewhat negative post, I would like to wish the rakers many happy jorneys and battles in a different part of the open water to me.... I actually like the fact Dorans Rakers are clear in their intentions. I think there is a great deal of honor seeking out duels. As this is the stated aim of the guild, it means you know that in open world, you need to be prepared if you meet Mr Doran, MG, SCL, Balck or any other members. Don't say they haven't warned you.
  3. I didn't see this thread earlier, a very interesting set of lists and it does support my theory that SOL were a common ship class. This list shows* the made up nearly a quarter of the royal navy's active ship strength in 1800. As per our discussion in the other thread about permium ships, I now believe my source was referring to ships for sea service and for harbour service which are both in commission and in ordinary. The total numbers for the years is very close to number for 1790 of 197 SOL. Very good stuff sir! *usual caveats for Internet sources apply.
  4. Got a bit of a kick to it... Developed for the Royal Navy too. Shame it wasn't successful..
  5. Hum, a ship that can sail into the wind...... Game breaking anyone? Though I have to agree with Eyeless_Camper, I would love this too.
  6. I originally was pro removing them. However I now wish to Keep the names. I like to know who I'm shelling? Also In the melee, it's hard enought not being rammed to worry about finding targets as well. The system work admirably, no change required here.
  7. Personal ones are better sometimes, sorry we sunk your toy, but you did get a few broad sides on us...
  8. Yeah a little better, like the victory you just boarded. Excellent work!
  9. I'm going to roll out the guns for his majesty the king of England, And sink any frenchies, continentals and pirates I may meet to ensure britainnia rules the waves. ... And I enrich myself. It's the royal Navies way.
  10. Jack you were better in the game just now. I see the meetings are paying off and no further boat shenanigans.
  11. Could you add date of disposal and fate? It would complete the list. And great job on the list.
  12. I wonder if the game should balance using sever populations. The only alliance can think of covering the whole game period was Britain and Portugal.
  13. Dam your eyes sir, they are certainly not! A true gentleman would rather tear his tongue out than say colour with no 'u'. True those colonials, tend to misspell everything, hence why we plan to keep the sugar isles... Well those and the rest of the world. Back on topic, a very well informed, professional guide, however I hope the meta doesn't replace fun.
  14. I like the idea repairs are tied to with survival. I also would like a focus in survival mode (kinda like selecting ammo type). You have the option to either; fix leaks, remount guns or repair. When the fix is made, you then need to select the next activity.
  15. Grim, yes admirals had a personal flags and would raise there flag on the ship they choose to command. These officers were 'flag officers', hence the term 'Flagship'. It was a kind of message to the fleet that here was the boss. Victory had jervis's flag at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent and Nelsons flag at the Trafalger (amoung others). I think it would be fun if in a group, you could tag an enemy and the system would send a message to the team to "attack the 1st rate" and this would then be signalled using flags.
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